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The Neo-Jim Crow South: Two Southern White Women Incriminate The White Killer Of The Black Male Without Witness Intimidation Forcing Them To Say "He Got What He Deserved" - Just As The Tea Party Wants To Return Us Back To

Note:  If George Zimmerman Is A "White Hispanic" Then This Hispanic Lady On The Right Is Also A "White Hispanic"

If you allow some people to tell it - "Trayvon Martin is the Emmett Till Of Today's Era"........and The Grio/ is publishing the historical photos that Jet Magazine did in 1955, not running a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" operation.

While many commentators say that an unarmed Black man being shot in the South proves that nothing has changed in the region or the entire nation - the truth is that those who seek to be scavengers are prone to carry out their own bigoted views of the modern day South, focusing on the indictments that prove their profile true.

The sight of two White women in the American South, on the television, giving their account of a homicide that they witness, yet undercutting the claims of the "White killer" should be heralded as a new day in the South.  This, especially since there are no reports of any Concerned Citizens Councils that threatened either of them if they don't "REMEMBER" what they saw "correctly".

Sadly in our present day it is Philadelphia PA that has a greater problem with witness intimidation that is reminiscent of Philadelphia Mississippi of the past than does Sandford Florida today.   Despite this fact "Justice" will be had once "we" get the police chief of Sandford and the Florida State's Attorney fired.  This will show them the consequences of denying "social justice" to Black folks.   The reelection of officials in Philly PA was never placed in similar doubt.

In the attempt to perpetuate the story of "That could have been 'my Black son in a hoodie' who was racially profiled and murdered" those who seek to drive a particular narrative have no intention of making the case that the layered safe-guards in the system today does not guarantee that "justice will be served" in the first round of events BUT - the National Guard won't have to be called out to enforce the federal constitutional will either.

"Once The Negro Moves To The North The Yankee Too Will Feel As We Do About Them"

 Remember this image from this past Sunday's New York Times?  Well I have since got a chance to read the accompanying article in detail and mark it up with my pen.

In her article, Isabel Wilkerson  makes note of a White Northern anthropologist who traveled to the South in the early 20th century to make note of the racial divisions between Black and White, only to notice that there was a caste system.  This was necessary to retain social and economic order.

Beyond the references to how Blacks ASSUME that with Latinos being "commonly oppressed (non-White) people" that a "joint-venture" might be forged - the most memorable part of the article was the words of the section title above, as said by Southern Whites: " When he arrived - white, earnest and fresh from the North - white Southerners told him that a Northerner would soon enough 'fell about Negroes as Southerners do"

Upon reading this reference in the Wilkerson article I was made to wonder why the news that a White "Northerner" from a swanky Chicago-land bar who called Black people "apes" was not deemed as having arrived at this conclusion, just as the anthropologist had predict?   (Note: I am not crazy enough to end my argument at this point - please keep reading)

"Here In Chicago We Too Prefer That 'The Blacks' Stay Away From Our White Women"
"If Our Club Was Meant For Blacks You'd See Some On Our Web Site.  Despite Our Total Black Out Of Their Images In Our Advertising They Still Come Anyway."
"With This Present Controversy Now 'The Blacks' Are Going To Come To Us And Make Us
Prove That We Are Not Racists By Demanding That Black Images Be Put On Our Web And 
FaceBook Advertising In The Name Of Diversity.   The Key Difference Between Us And 'The South' Is That We Are Less Likely To Tell Them 'Hell No' ".

In the running gun battle between the "unevolved racist-conservative South" and the "progressive North" the ignorant, racist behaviors of Whites in the South that are "par for the course" are these actions are seen as "exceptions" and individual offenses for Northerners.

Still - even this is but a bridge topic that gets me to my final point.  Keep reading.

The "Thomas-Cain Black Progressive Christians"
Having watched "The Young Turks" on "Current TV" I have to, again, call out the framework of similarity between the stereotypical "right-wing racial" bigotry and the left-wing bigotry against "Christianity" and "The South".

As the story goes, it is the Black Conservative who stands among "enemies of Black people", failing to defend our honor thus he too must be considered the enemy.   When a RACIST says something negative about Blacks - they laugh, knowing that "he is not talking about ME.  He is talking about the OTHER BLACKS that are offensive to him".

When you hear a Progressive bigot talk negatively about "Christians" - do you ever wonder why, regardless of how much derision they use - no "Christian Who Is Black" seems to get offended in the same way that they do against a "right wing RACIST"?     And I thought that you were a "Christian spirit" having a "worldly experience" in the form of a melanated person?  It is clear that your ideological and political affiliation with this person ranks higher than your religious concerns.

What about when they do a mass indictment against "The South"?      Does it ring with your consciousness that the balance of Black American live in "The South" and that this is an INCLUSIVE indictment?  Or do you figure that they are only talking about "The White Folks"?

The sad truth is that they are making use of "Christians" and "Southerners" as shorthand for "The Ignorant" - who rely upon mentally diversionary tactics to compensate for their lack of intelligence and education.

BUT WAIT - there are poor and ignorant BLACK PEOPLE in the South AND in the NORTH.  Black people have a higher than average rate of church attendance and we are majority Christian.

Do you ever wonder why your White Progressive Cheshire Fox Friends are never hear talking about the "Black" segment of the cluster of people that they make derogatory remarks about?

Let's flip it around as a means of coming to an answer.

Is it possible that since their attacks on "Christians" and "Southerners" are BECAUSE they are not doing / giving the "Progressive-bigots" what they want that these attacks come at no threatened loss to them?

It logically follows then that IF YOU are doing / giving them what they want from you already - then by specifically focusing on your IGNORANCE would produce unnecessary consequences - a frayed "Joint Venture Partnership".

If Your Joint Venture Partnerships Are Not Based On Full Respect For You But Merely On What You Possess That Is Valuable - What Do Really You Have If You Don't Have SUFFICIENT ORGANIC COMPETENCIES To Speak Of?

All of the above points are ultimately relevant:
  • The Stereotypes Of The South
  • The Racist Rant In The North
  • The Bigoted Attacks On Christianity
  • The Mis-Assumptions  About The Brown-Black Coalition
  • The Progressive-Joint Venture
While the Black community journeys on, trekking on a "perpetual struggle", identifying willing common interest groups to partner with - the key and foundational issue of: "What organic competencies are being developed within our people via the INSTITUTIONS that are within our community?" is too often left aside as the daily transactions from the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" are fielded for the purposes of diverting attention from important matters.

It is all too clear that there is no entity within the Black community that has a serious interest in creating a check point to assess where our interests stand at present and to plot a course forward that makes the "American Political Domain" an increasing incidental component of this development movement as it necessary works to extract the EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT that most Blacks have vested in.

Through this emotional attachment runs the most frequent incidents in which the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of our community standards are compromised.  This mostly from the desire to not upend the political interests by holding fast in defense of these standards.  Once the violations become systematized within BOTH the violator and the enforcer being to "know how things work around here". 

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