Thursday, April 26, 2012

Constructive Feedback Simulcast: Which Was The Black-Wing Grievance Radio More "Offended By" Today With Regards To Obama?

This is the first ever simulcast across my key blog properties.
Since each of my blogs are compartmentalized to focus on various subjects that are related by essentially distinct - the news that the Obama Administration proving approval for expanded use of Drones in the sovereign nation of Yemen provides a great opportunity to view this latest act by the "American Military Imperialist Machine" - NOT from the perspective of the Obama Administration, but instead to look into the audience who is "living vicariously through Obama" to make note of their reaction.

QUESTION - On Black-Wing Grievance Radio in Metro Atlanta today - which "Offense" was more important to the crowd that pushes for "Social Justice" and believe themselves to be "Followers Of Dr King"?

Choice A)  Sprayberry High School Student Newspaper Lists Reasons Why Obama Should Not Be Reelected

A Cobb County high school newspaper is under fire for what some are calling an offensive article.
Students at Sprayberry High School published an article entitled Top Twenty Reasons Why Obama Should Not Get Re-Elected in their school newspaper's April Fool's Day edition.
The article listed reasons such as, "He's black," "He's half-white," "He is a Nazi," and "His dog is ugly."
After the article began to circulate outside the school on Thursday, a response to the article was posted on the high school's website, which read:
"Recently, the Sprayberry newspaper, The Stinger, published an article trying to humorously comment on the President. In regards to the Obama article, we would like to say that the article was meant as a piece of satire. The article was published in our April Fool's section, The Zinger, of the newspaper and was meant to be a comedic take on the media's comments on the President. Satire is the use of humor, irony or exaggeration to poke fun at certain parts of society. We realize that this did not come off as we intended, and we sincerely apologize for offending anyone."
CBS Atlanta News spoke with parents and students who attend Sprayberry High School to get their take on the controversial article.
Danisha Crummie, a parent, said that the attempt at satire was in bad taste.
"I just couldn't believe that it was printed in the school paper," she said.
Tom, another parent who didn't want to give his last name, agreed with Crummie.
"I'm disappointed that they would allow anything like this to be published," he said.
The students that CBS Atlanta News spoke with didn't have as strong of an opinion about the article, and saw both the humor - and shame - in the article.
"I was offended by the first line because he's black," said Sprayberry student Ambur Leggett. "I wasn't offended by the complete article because it's a satire."
Fellow student Maurae Prince agreed with Leggett.
"(The author) was irresponsible, but it shouldn't have been taken to this level at all," Prince said.
While a spokesman with the Cobb County School District wasn't available for comment on Thursday,  the school district issued a statement after being contacted by CBS Atlanta News, which read:
"This is from the school's April Fool's edition of the newspaper. It does state that clearly on the front page. All of the items in that section are intended to be satirical. Obviously, this item is a poor attempt at humor. The newspaper staff clarified and apologized to the rest of the student body this [Thursday] morning in a video message broadcast on closed-circuit throughout the school."
 B) Obama Approves US Drone Bombings In Sovereign Nation Of Yemen - Killing "Terror Suspects" So That They Don't Have To Be Stored At Guantanamo Bay Prison.  The Civil Rights Pharisees Approve Of Obama's Approval Based On Their Silence And Their Continued VICARIOUS LIVING Through Obama Via Any "Racist Insult" That He Suffers.  Since A Drone Attack Is Not RACIST They Have No Interest In Looking Into This Yemen Policy
A person that the USA defines as a "terrorist" and then kills him is not a victim of torture if he dies before he feels the pain of being blown up without due process.

At at least this is what we must gather based upon the lack of action by the ACLU on this new policy adopted since Obama took office.

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