Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mayor Nutter: "Why Are There So Many Poor Black People Being Fed Sandwiches On The Parkway"?

Philadelphia's new ban on feeding homeless outdoors

(Nutter's words spoken in the 14 minute mark)
WHYY Radio Times - with audio report
The city of Philadelphiahas banned the feeding of homeless people in city parks, and if the Board of Health approves it tonight*, will require a permit and training for any groups that want to distribute food to Philadelphians outdoors. This includes Love Park and the Parkway near the Free Library and the about-to-open Barnes Museum, areas that have been home to well-attended outdoor food programs. Philadelphia Mayor MICHAEL NUTTER says the new policies will provide more dignity, safer food and a broader array of services for the homeless, but the change has also divided opinions in the community that helps the homeless. After we hear from Mayor Nutter, we’ll speak with ADAM BRUCKNER, who volunteers to provide services and ID cards to people who show up for food at feedings on the Parkway; and Rev. BILL GOLDERER, convening minister at Broad Street Ministry, which provides food and services in the middle of the Avenue of the Arts district along Broad Street. 

 The audio report above is loaded with so many issues.
I plan to return back to it for several posts in the future.

The key question that I have for the church pastor that has adopted the words of Thomas Aquinas is "Are you, in fact, engaging in a set of comprehensive interactions with the homeless that will ultimately develop them OR are you seeking to extend your belief that every human being should be allowed to live at a certain minimum standard of living?  At the end of years of interactions with YOU - are your clients able to hold this line via their actions or merely CONSUME at this line?"

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