Monday, January 16, 2012

Philadelphia PA Assumes The Character Of Philadelphia MS During Dr King's Time - 15 Homicides In 17 Days

In today's prevailing Black Consciousness that has been hijacked by politics - IF there is no indictment to be had - "A Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" is not worthy of a national campaign which demands that the VALUE OF BLACK LIFE be respected. 
When given the choice between protection of the prevailing favorable powers versus the transparency that "institutional integrity" requires - the defense against the pain that "stepping upon the ingrown toenail" would provoke is just not worth the value of a single "Ninja's life". 

It is easier to venerate "Dr Martin Luther King Jr", showing new HD pictures of masses of people coming to worship at the new statue and to announce plans for a $100M "church building fund" for the 'King Compound In Atlanta" than it is to take to task the present conditions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The present bodies that are piled up within the community are hidden in the "virtual earthen dam" that today's protection racket seeks to encase them in.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania - A Bloody Start To A New Year

Not my words.
The words of a headline of a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It seems that even Philadelphia Mayor Nutter has lost his ability to make declarative statements about the safety of his city.  Instead he turns a "challenge" into a "question"

Sorry Mayor Nutter you are giving the wrong people a 'Stretch Goal".

The MLK Jr holiday has, for all intents and purposes been hijacked for purely political and ideological purposes.

Today those who have most substantively abdicated their responsibility over the communities that their "machines" dominate feel empowered to use the "venerated image of Dr King" as leverage to indict those who always seem to coincidentally be their ideological and political adversaries. 

Even though there has been a sea change since the day of Dr King regarding those agents who are committing "Civil Rights Violations" against Black people - they understand that if they do not call these attacks "civil rights violations" that all but those of us who are keen enough to keep track of their hand tricks won't see what they are doing.

From the article:

A 23-year-old Temple University graduate, hailing a cab after leaving a bar with friends, is beaten to death in Old City.
Three teenagers are killed as a man fires directly into a car in Juniata Park.
A hockey fan from New Jersey is pummeled until he lies unconscious outside Geno's cheesesteak restaurant in South Philadelphia.
What, if anything, do these events - all in the new year - say about war and peace in Philadelphia? Who, if anyone, can make sense of such utterly senseless violence? What scars, if any, do these fatal bullets and raging fists leave on the city's image?
Little. No one. And that depends.
We're off to a bad start, with 17 homicides in the first two weeks of 2012 - the bloodiest tally in the last five years over that span.
Over the long term, though, violent crime has steadily declined in Philadelphia since the 1990s. In Center City, murder, rape, and arson are down by more than 55 percent.
However reassuring those statistics may be to real estate brokers, business owners, and public officials, they are meaningless to the families of victims.
"It's hard to fathom that people value life so little," said Joe Neary, a 61-year-old Upper Chichester accountant whose son Kevin, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was shot in the neck during an attempted robbery in Northern Liberties before Thanksgiving.
Kevin Neary was walking home Nov. 15 after a night out with friends when a would-be robber shot him, severing his spinal cord. The second of Neary's three boys, he is now paralyzed from the neck down, unable to breathe on his own.
Before the attack, Kevin Neary had been recruiting staff for health-care facilities and waiting tables at Jones and Union Trust, his father said.
"He loved living in the city. He loved the excitement of it, the vibrancy, the whole milieu of being here."
Kevin Neary and his family do not blame Philadelphia for the tragedy, his father said.
But like the other killings and beatings of the last few months, the attack had symbolic power.


Anonymous said...

War! It ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
War! It's got one friend, that's the undertaker
War has shattered many a young mans dreams
Made him disabled bitter and mean
Life is much to precious to spend fighting wars these days
War can't give life, it can only take it away

Anonymous said...

The black community is at war. It wars against its own sons and daughters. It slaughters the innocent without remorse. It is willing to kill someone in a hospital, church, funeral procession.