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The Does A "Rachel Maddow Report On Detroit" - Thousands Of Detroit School Students Lack Textbooks

Dan Rather Reveals Corruption In Detroit Public Schools
The Thousands Of Detroit School Students Without Text Books For Months

The above link points to a story in the MSNBC owned "The" in which they focus on how several Detroit Public Schools students are without direct access to text books - 7 weeks into the school term.

Of course the big picture problem is the insolvency of the school district and the city which encapsulates it.  As a result of massive budget cuts - the text book budget was reduced from $6.5M down to $3.5M - the lack of new books and the presence of outdated history books is the news that has made it to the pages of The Grio.

The story captures the frustrations of some present students, some former students, some angry parents, the teachers union and a representative from the Detroit Public Schools who acknowledges the problem and who also indicates that the content for the core subjects is available online.

The Rachel Maddow-Reporting Style - What Is Missing From The's Coverage?

A few months ago I posted a video of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - the coworker of the resources from "The" - as she also ventured up to the city of Detroit to report on the condition of one school.  A Detroit school for expecting mothers or mothers with newborns was a victim of the budget situation in the city.

As a long time viewer of "The Rachel Maddow Show" I knew in advance that her "agenda" was NOT merely to go to the "Mission Accomplished City" of Detroit and use the sob story of "The Least Of These" in order to make an indictment of the school system and the city administration.  True to form - her goal was to indict the "Emergency Financial Manager" who was assigned by the state to manage the resources of the insolvent city.   While the previous Democratic governor initially assigned this person with the power to void local contracts and over-rule locally elected officials, Ms Maddow was careful to point out that the new Republican governor has given the "Emergency Financial Manager" new teeth to bite the citizens of Detroit with - usurping democratic processes in the course of conducting his business.

The proposed closure of the public school for student mothers, the program that had a sound track record in leading them to the job market or college, was the "harm" that the new Republican administration had rendered.

My agenda is not to fall into a "Democrat vs Republican" debate.  This is a report on the bias in reporting that is marinated into the coverage of "The Least Of These Blacks".   The key point is that even when there is "Mission Accomplishment" in which "The Blacks" do their part - usually investing or "Equal Black Ballots" and fusing our "Community Development Consciousness Hopes" into the American Political Domain for the benefit of one side - the RESULTING FAILURE never gets analyzed by the "LambBlacked Yellow Journalist Operative" as a possible failing of the "power projection methodology" that has been commonly adopted by the Black community.   Instead - the transition to references to a "National Standard Of Social Justice" that all children, regardless of their local government's ineptness, should have access to.

The function of such a disposition is - the motivation to change course, as expressed locally is halted.   The people - "The Least Of These" - having done their part and came up empty handed - are not compelled by the leaders who purport to have their best interests in mind to call out those who compelled them to make their investments.  THESE ARE THE SAME FORCES and as such - they'd have to call for a protest AGAINST THEMSELVES!!!!!

What we have is yet another example of the compromised and molested state of "Institutional Integrity" of the key "Human Resource Development" Institutions that are in place to sculpt our people into 'pillars of our community'.   With a sufficient distillation between "the good guys" and the "bad guys" having transpired with the exodus of "the bad guys" - the resulting failure is not blamed on the "good guys" who took in the investment resources from "The Blacks".    We are instead treated to stories of "benign neglect" at the state and federal level as "The Blacks" were left all alone and thus - synonymously - "Targeted For Failure".

I have stated many times before - with the present consciousness that has been inculcated upon our people by the corrupt hands of the "Occupiers Of Black Leadership Positions" that are seeking to maintain their "Political Joint-Venture Partnership" - the worst possible condition for Black people to be in within this country is ALL ALONE, BY OURSELVES, with nothing but our people (with this induced mental condition) and the institutions that favorable people now control as our main source of:

  • Socialization
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Inculcation
After years of hijacking our institutions for the sake of political power - our bird of prey is not able to fly on his own.

The South As An Ecosystem That Must Change

Rachel Maddow - the coworker of the staff at The never misses a chance to take a shot at the South (the former Confederate states - that is).    As the logic goes - it is legitimate to make measure of the present standing of the people (subjects) inside of a given political boundary in order to make inferences about the forces in power who are shaping that ecosystem with their ideals, policies but also biases and bigotry.

As such we often see a bake off between a Northeastern state (MA, NY, CT, VT) versus one of the "Red States" that all just happen to be governed by the ideological and partisan enemies of Ms Maddow (SC, GA, AL, MS).   

With the "Northeast = good governance" and "Southeast = bigoted conservative, racist governance which harms the people" in place Ms Maddow pulls out certain points upon which to make her indictment:
  • Educational Attainment
  • Obesity Rates
  • Median Income
  • Child Mortality Rates
Each time Ms Maddow releases such a segment - I note that my frequent Black Progressive-Fundamentalist debate adversaries are the main one's "Re-tweeting" the news.  

They fail to see that this slight of hand done at the state level falls apart when more granularity is enforced in the name of transparency.  In short "The Negro in both areas under inspection live lives that are more similar than not".   

Ms Maddow is seeking to make ideological and partisan indictments so she has no interest in comparing "The Bronx NY" with "The Pittsburgh Community In Atlanta" in order to show the common fate of both of these majority-minority ecosystems - regardless of who is in control of the constellation within which they fall.

The article from her co-workers at "The" on the Detroit City Schools fits this same framework.   
No "The" can't be charged with evading a negative story in a "Mission Accomplished City" due to their will to protect the all Democratic-run institutions in Detroit.   This is not what they are guilty of in this case.

Instead - just as Rachel Maddow brings up "The Tale Of Two Cities" in order to bring change into the hotbed of intractability in the South via a change in ideology and governance - The Grio has NO intention whatsoever to build up a case necessary to indict the forces that dominate Detroit on their way to compelling Black people to question the strategy of "Voting For The Salvation Of Black America".

Though The Evidence Is Abundant The Corrupt District Attorney Refuses To Make An Indictment Because He Knows That "The Neo-All White Jury Will Not Convict The Defendant"

The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man IS The Corrupt District Attorney Who Will Not Prosecute In Support Of The PERMANENT INTERESTS Of The Black Community IF The Indictment Means That He Must Distance Himself From His IDEOLOGY AND Starting Position In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" .   When He Is Not In Court He Works As A Opinion Writer In The Black Press

"The All White Jury" Is The New Black Racial Services Machine
As with their predecessors "Black people always suffer undue homicides as long as the Neo-All White Jury is impaneled" as they attempt to prop up a system that has run its course and failed to provide the necessary uplift for "The Least Of These" within its protectorate.  As long as "The Blacks" remain within their place, this time spouting the "congregational message" they receive protective cover in "The Ideological Passover".  Today's "Occupiers Of Black Community Conscious Thought Leadership Positions" function as such within the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where our people are made to suffer because of the Embedded Confidence Men's blindness and bigotry which directs him to tap into the community's resentments about their disproportionately inferior position after having failed to build up Organic Strength WITHIN the "Black Community Institutions" that they control.  They now advantage of the power of arbitrage, with the "Equal Black Ballot" secured for play in the "American Political Domain" they convince Black people that our salvation in our "Protected Community Space" will come via the targeted investments of their ballots, the channel of resources from the "American Political Domain" will water our crops.   Our continued investments are needed to have the joint-venture partnership stop its adversary from stealing the rain water out of the sky.   (This after they gave up on "Boiling The Ocean" with their public policy agenda.) 

When faces with the negative evidence that might force those with inside information about the "Joint-Venture Partnership" to publish a disclosure to the "Black investors" - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man will always choose to:

  • WITHHOLD this information as it might prove damning to the "Favorable Progressive Forces" in power
  • REDIRECT the indictment (the next time their radio program, opinion column or television show runs) upon their ENEMY 

You will often here a volley consisting of:
  1. What did {the enemy} do to help Black people when he saw this situation?
  2. This is nothing more than the results that have been engineered by {the enemy} when they separated from Black people due to their racism, pulling all of the support structures from our community and upon the collapse they could say "See Black people are incompetent"
  3. We are equal Americans and are due to receive the very same benefits as the people who live outside of the boundary lines that they have conveniently escaped across in order to avoid having to live up to their social contract that we share in common
What you WILL NOT hear is:
  1. Maybe it is time we re calibrate.  We went chasing our "Community Development Hopes" through the gateway of aggregation of political power with a certain ideological methodology.  This is now in place BUT our "Permanent Interests" remain unfulfilled.  Maybe it is time that we reengineer our entire program
  2. Our Black Community Institutions are now under our control.  We used them as "Political Career Stepping Stones", "Jobs Programs" and "Minority Contracting Agencies".   Unfortunately they have failed at their main line of business (ie: the education of our children in preparation for them to be pillars).   We now stand at the point where the TRUE CHARACTER AND PURPOSE of our people must be forged.  
  3. We failed to establish the necessary framework for transparency.   Along the road that we have been asked to "struggle down" we as a Black community failed to put up CHECK POINTS that function as REVERSE TOLL BOOTHS.    Instead of the OPERATORS OF THE ROAD asking money from us for using the road.........the BLACK COMMUNITY should have put a stop to the caravan and demanded that the VEHICLE OPERATORS document the INCREASE IN OUR "COMMUNITY 401K" that our loyal investments that we have rendered along the way have appreciated into.  We will not take ONE MORE STEP FORWARD until he shows us our INCREASE based on ABSOLUTE TERMS...................instead he makes us look at THE ENEMIES' PORTFOLIO BALANCE SHEET and compels us to move forward so that this ENEMY won't make any more gains
    1. (The Koreans and Indian/Pakistanis are building businesses within the Black Community in the shopping center spaces that we were told were ARID as they build up their own PORTFOLIO BALANCE SHEETS based on the CONSUMER NEEDS OF THE NEGRO - "Especially hair shaved off of the head of an Indian girl that sells for $75 per packet)

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