Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As Troy Davis' Clemency Is Denied Many Other Black People Will Be Murdered w/o Due Process As The Black Community Has Its Justice-Seeking Resources Focused On The "Injustice" Served To Davis

September 20, 2011 Headlines AJC: Man found shot dead in bed in northeast Atlanta apartment

The relative distance between this murder scene in Atlanta last night and the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Center For Non-Violent Social Change

  • This fresh murder of a Black man is not going to trigger a 10,000 person protest in front of the nearby state capitol building, Fulton County Government Center - where the county District Attorney sits nor Atlanta City Hall which houses the authorities that were charged with keeping this now dead man safe.
  • 600,000 petitions are not going to revive the life that was taken by 5 or 6 bullets.
  • If the local "racist" right-wing talk radio host says "Black people are killers" or "Black people are all peace loving people" - it is IRRELEVANT to what has transpired in this unnamed murder victim - name held by the police until the immediate family is notified of his untimely death
  • If the opportunist group - "The Color Of Change" runs a new series of commercials on "Black Wing Talk Radio" questioning if the Tea Party had actually climbed through the dead man's window and actually did the shooting - many of his vital organs will remain shredded by the bullets that tore through them making them useless in saving another man's life - his matching blood type being IRRELEVANT

This is the scenario which functionally neutralizes the prevailing forces that control the Black community's present consciousness.  Those who claim to have the "moral authority".
This moral stand does not work against the Street Pirates who live an "I Don't Give A WHAT" lifestyle.  They don't give a damn about MORALS.  The only fix for this issue is to concern ourselves with who dropped the ball in the process of their inculcation into "pillars of our community".

The Ebenezer Baptist Church organization nor the Civil Rights Pharisees who gather within its chapel each week DID NOT kill this Black man who was gunned down on Fort Street - a hope in walking distance from their temple.   They are merely guilty of allowing a failed human resource development model to perpetuate in the community as they cleave to their own ideological bigotry.  They are unable to see that THEY are now the power of authority in Atlanta and other "Mission Accomplished zones".

The air conditioning of their new worship center needs to be opened, thus allowing their HVAC system to "cool off" the Old Fourth Ward community that surrounds them.

Sadly for the Black community - there exists no entity who's role is to compel them to adapt their mission to TODAYS' problems as Dr King never imaged that with so many streets named after him or his lieutenants would be documented in so many police reports denoting crime scenes WITHIN the Black community.

Until the Black Community shifts from being "self-impressed" by the "head count" that a protest can draw upon Auburn Avenue, the state capitol or some corporate headquarters building over to pride in the lack of "push pins" in our community as seen in:

  • The Police Interactive Crime Map
  • The Department Of Education's "Schools Who Have Not Made AYP" map
  • The Center For Disease Control's "HIV Infection Pandemic" map
  • The Campaign Headquarters Map of where campaign signs can be planted in abundance because there is no "Home Owner's Association" standards that regulate where they can be posted AND the campaign doesn't care that their signs are posted in a vacant lot that is full of trash and overgrown weeds.........(Go to the Pittsburgh community of Atlanta this time next year to see for yourself)............
..............then we must conclude that making Black people FEEL empowered is far more important than EMPOWERING US via the INSTITUTIONS that the forces that manipulate our consciousness now control.  

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