Thursday, August 25, 2011

Developing The Black Community Via Management Science: How Many Jobs For Black People Would Have Been Created In The "40 Democratic Jobs Bills (Since January 3, 2011) That The Tea Party Republican Rejected?

QUESTION:  How Many Jobs For Black People Would Have Been Created In The "40 Democratic Jobs Bills (Since January 3, 2011) That The Tea Party Republican Rejected?

ANSWER:   IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY!!!!!     This is not about JOB NUMBERS.  It is about creating an INDICTMENT to rile up Black people for an Ideological/ Political/ RACIAL Fight in the context of the upcoming election!!!

Why is it that you hear the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men talking more about the 40 DEMOCRATIC JOBS BILLS than you hear them talk about the MAGNITUDE of the need and how much these (supposed) jobs bills would have provided in the way of jobs?

The purpose is to keep the people fed on the INDICTMENT THAT IS AHEAD OF THEM, not on the past failings of those that they provide complicit cover for despite their failures.  What we have is an ABSTRACTION between the people's Permanent Interests in a sound "Local Economy" that has benefited from the years of "economic development and strategic planning".   Instead of building up organic competencies it is clear that the Black community invested the balance of its resources into erecting a POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL machine with observable "Joint-Venture Partnerships".   The needs of "The Least Of These" trumped an actual plan to make them the "UN-Least Of These" as evidence of the success of the entire scheme.

Again - If George W Bush had ordered the National Guard to provide a report showing each and every rescue sortie run for Hurricane Katrina - WE ALL would look at the reality on the ground as contrasted with the report and say - YOUR RESPONSE IS NOT TO SCALE IN REFERENCE TO THE NEED.

The convergence of forces that are engineering and spreading propaganda into the Black Community is easily observable.
The use of communications technology that has created various streams of information are effective at keeping the operatives that are working upon our consciousness ON MESSAGE.

They count on the fact that you are going to purchase their narrative which has you keying in on some INDICTMENT while never setting up the proper analysis by which you "smell a rat".

The bottom line point in all of this is:  "PROTEST IS NOT A 'MANAGEMENT TOOL' When YOU ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT AUTHORITY".

They realize this.
This is why they practice "Establishment Authority Repudiation".
Regardless of how much power they grow stemming from the LOCAL level where Black people have the most concentrated say in who will represent our interests..............they are going to always seek to absolve themselves of the conditions that remain in our community DESPITE their take over of the key "Human Resource Development And Governance Institutions".

The machinations of "Nationalized Social Justice" is the attempt to place the indictment for delivering "Good Living To The LEAST OF THESE" upon the NATIONAL SOCIETY, absolving them of their primary responsibility of ACHIEVING THESE ENDS THROUGH THE PEOPLE.

The way they prefer it to work is for the "Least Of These" at the periphery to have an "equal ballot" and to be whipped up into the frenzy of a coalition as they battle for the resources at the national trough.   By having the aggrieved masses focused on the national political trade-winds they accomplish two very important things:

  • Have the "Least Of These" at the periphery look past the failings of the local institutions that the Progressive Machine now has a growing, uncontested amount of control over
  • Forge a union coalition in which the aggrieved masses are made to look at the "good living" that others have amassed - creating the nationalized force by which to overturn this "unjust" system
Sadly the people never get to see the gross irony of this progressive shell game.
The very institutions that they say need more public funding in order to allow "The Least Of These" to become EQUAL are the very institutions that are allowed to suffer from BENIGN NEGLECT after they achieve "Mission Accomplished" status and used as an ideological stepping stone to indoctrinate the future generation and to set off the next flurry of attacks upon the national fortress.  

For all of the talk of:
  • "All Politics Is Local"
  • "WE As Black People Need To Do......................................"
People fail to see that this mere TALK should not be mistaken for a MANAGING/GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE that will allow our people to arrive at a desired end.

Today's system only builds power for the SCHEME that we have been drawn into by the forces that tap upon our HATRED, RESENTMENT and GRIEVANCE.

When you hear STRONG DEFIANCE and the will to FIGHT said from a microphone you need to understand that this is merely a FAKE FRONT used to play upon the "Negro Audience" who the person at the microphone KNOWS TOO WELL for the good of the people.   They know that the people prefer a DEFENSIVE STRUGGLE that was prompted after being DISRESPECTED.

They fail to see that this type of genuflection will never build up a strong and enduring and comprehensive solution for our people.

JUST ALLOW THEIR ENEMY TO MOVE AWAY FROM THEIR GRASP to see how STRONG our people have been made after the latest cycle of FOOLISHNESS that we have been compelled to make.

The Next Round Of The "Black Community Development Consciousness" will be defined by the INTERNAL PROTECTIONS that have been erected around our "Black Community Consciousness".  Defending the INTEGRITY of this crown jewel from molestation of those on the outside of our community but most importantly from those who have more proximate influence - for hijacking in support of their joint-venture with the CHESHIRE FOX.

Why is the Cheshire Fox always lurking in the background of the "Black Community's Interests" but never the target of angst of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man that he is in partnership with?

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