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If Black Males Were Their Own Nation We'd Be Witnessing United Nations' Interventions As With Other Areas In The Diaspora

Take a good listen to this NPR audio report above about the academic condition of Black males in America. Don't listen for the guests (and callers') ability to articulate that there is a problem. Instead listen to what they attribute the problem to and the greater indictment against them: what they assign as a solution.

As I type this post I have Al Jezeera English running in the background on my computer. They are talking about the new death toll in Haiti from Cholera and the upcoming elections. Last week we heard about deadly riots in Haiti as certain operatives took advantage of the distress over cholera to blame the United Nations for spreading cholera, thus insuring their own reign of power over certain regions in the nation.

The point of commonality in the debate about the academics for Black American males and cholera in Haiti is that in both cases certain operatives that have an ulterior motive:

  1. Hoist up a grievance among the people who are at a high point in their raw emotionalism
  2. Articulate a source of the blame for the problem that institutes a "siege mentality" among the people against some external threat
  3. Effectively synergize these two points above to fortify their own power over the people
  4. Effectively avoid accountability for the past and present complicity that they have in the delivery of the present state of affairs over which the masses are aggrieved about
The Academic Condition Of Black Boys

I have been aggressively inspecting the responses to the recent report from the "Council Of Great City School Districts" found on various media sources.  I paid particular attention to those voices that have previously said "Education is the great equalizer in America".  

The summary of my observation is as follows:
  • Some of the most active voices about the political/ideological forces bearing down upon Black America were silent upon this issue
  • Others looked at this report and began distributing a new generation of "TASKS" that "we" need to do to correct the problem (ie: reach back by tutoring these young Black males)
  • Still others used this as an opportunity for continued political indictments, attributing the problems to "No Child Left Behind" (Bush)
  • The most frequent response seen, however is the NATIONALIZATION Of The Problem as a burden for America, lest we all suffer
The last bullet point proved to bear evidence of the cognitive dissonance that is present within the Black community.  This caused by ideological entrenchment.  

We now stand at the point in time in which the key civic institutions from which we receive our educational services have been safely secured into "loving hands".  The long struggle that the Black community has engaged in has exterminated the threats that we read about in our history books.  These adversaries channeled resources to "White schools" in the school district while Blacks got the materials that they were throwing away.  In Louisiana today the forces of civil rights are focusing upon the lack of Advanced Placement courses in the "Black school" in Monroe instead of the failure that is taking place amongst the school's general body.   In as much as they maintain their "civil rights discourse" few people will note that the problems with the Black males exist despite the struggle and subsequent take over.

The reason why the "Black press" is not performing the necessary muckraking as they look at the present conditions and then make note of the promises that the Black community was given as a benefit for our UNITY and drive to put "favorable people" into power is because they would have to do "self-indictment" for these present results.   Today's drive in Chicago to put a "Black face in the mayor's office" is akin to yesterday's drive to put favorable Blacks and Progressives into power over these various school administrations.  

As a student growing up in Philadelphia the one key talking point that I recall hearing frequently from the educational activists is the drive to put "people into power who love our children and care about the Black community".  Few people would could argue that this goal has not been obtained several years ago.  Fewer people are going back to do an inventory of what was obtained - besides the seats of power.

As a father of a "Black boy" I am aware of the differences that they represent as compared to a "Black girl" who I also parent.  The need for an authority figure that some times "gets in the face" of this young male is critical.  In the audio interview above a caller recommended that such discipline be exchanged for a toy that allows them to "do something with their hands" is preposterous.  The statement was not confronted because it was in line with the general trend of OBFUSCATION that was present in the entire interview.

The 1,200 pound grizzly that was in the room was the question of "the responsible Black father as an integral part on the lives of the young Black male".  Those who are unwilling to govern or people through the CULTURE that is enforced within our ranks find themselves having to always look on the outside for causes and cures. 

The Nationalization Of The Conditions Of The Black Community

QUESTION:  How does a force of operatives who have grabbed power and not produced the promised results for the people RETAIN their power and keep the people UNIFIED?  

ANSWER:  They use the megaphone that came with their position of power over the people to get the masses to shift their expectations for a favorable standard of living away from the seats of power that they are supportive of, OUTWARD toward a perpetual indictment against the NATION for having failed to deliver 'equality' to them.

The same local seats of power that were "powerful" enough in the past for the activists to protest against are now walked past as the activists go upward in the hierarchy to speak with someone else with "real power" today.  It just so happens that these "favorable people" are now sitting in these local seats.   This proves to be the most "anti-management", "anti-governance" tactic deployed which undercuts the ability to express the desired results within our communities.  

By executing this strategy the ideologue never has to put his own theories on trial, forced to prove their efficacy in light of their dominate power within the domain.

Using their local power as their platform they have articulated a new set of "national entitlements" - a national social contract, if you will, that they have gotten new consciousness about.  Previously when they sought these accoutrement locally they had their scope too limited.  How can the VICTIM be expected to deliver upon these things after all?  Despite sitting in the seat of local power he is still the VICTIM.  Right?

The Proposed Nationalization Must Strip Them Of Their Local Power
As they sell the nation of the importance of having "educated Black boys" so that America is made more competitive against our international trade adversaries the one thing that you will never hear is a willingness to strip power from the local office holders for their failures and incontinence.  Instead they seek to retain their powers, positioning themselves as the "resource distributors" of the national gratis that is bestowed upon the community, America having finally shown that Black people are "equal" per her willingness to spend upon us.

At each ribbon cutting ceremony they will be seen in the picture.   The community will soon build up the mental association per the pictures that the prosperity of the community was rendered by the great leadership of the people in the picture.  Each smile-ladened picture seems to bring us fortune.  The truth could not be any more different or disturbing.

The grand scheme that we are asked to purchase into is that IF we lobby the citizens of the United States through the channel of the federal government to financially support the efforts that are taking place locally under the leadership of the activists that now have political offices that one day the Black community will be EDUCATED into the state of competency and thus one day become net productive resources that contribute to the pot of national resources from which all of us draw from.  (If I am mis-characterizing their agenda please document how)

This runs counter to all past successful community migration movements.  They, by contrast, identified the standard of living that was desirable and then enacted a comprehensive framework by which all within who desired to prosper from this new standard had to modify the repetitive tasks done, aligning them with these broader goals.   In the present case, however, we don't see any demands for fundamental change in the masses within the community as  pretext for prosperity.  The indictment is  launched against the nation, cajoling it to prove that it values the Black community and is not racist.

The United Nations In Black America

If we go to Haiti, the Congo or Chad we see forced from The United Nations deployed to provide support in lands that have needs that far exceed what the government is able to deliver upon.  In additional places the UN and International Monetary Fund implement agricultural policies that dictate the priorities and strategies for the farmers.  

In both cases there is an abundance of liberal interventionist motivations.  The goal is to express the value of the "equal human being" even if it requires lifting them up to this level despite their dogged fight to remain as they are.  Absent any intent to develop organic competency in evidence I predict that 100 years from now these same hotspots will remain as they are.

The one common fate that these nations have with the Black community is the abundance of conspiracy theories which state that their present condition is the case because of an amorphous and ubiquitous force that seeks to undercut them at every turn.  Such a body of thought has the effect of:
  • Relieving the local actors from any complicity in their present situation
  • Relieving the local actors from the mantle of being the primary force for their own salvation
In either case - unity against this external threat is assured. 

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