Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congolese Women Raped At Congo-Angola Border

Congolese women raped on Congo-Angola border, U.N. officials say

Where is the evidence of the competency of these governments to protect the most vulnerable among their ranks? Is the United Nations building them up to eventually allow them to fly on their own, standing in the breach and preventing savagery or nefariously allowing the situation to fester while other areas around the world are beginning to stand tall?

CNN Story
United Nations (CNN) -- Thirty Congolese women on the border of Angola and Congo were held in a dungeonlike prison and systematically raped by uniformed men, according to U.N. officials.

The Congolese women were part of a group of 150 people who had recently been expelled from Angola.

The United Nations said the women reported they were held for nearly two weeks in early October and raped. The U.N. said three people in the group were killed, including two men and a woman, who died after being repeatedly raped. Those who survived and were released then returned to the Congo in the nude and with no belongings, according to the United Nations.

The rapes were first reported to the United Nations on Saturday.

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