Saturday, June 19, 2010

Allowing Street Pirates To Retain Their Blackness - Selective "DeBlackification"

Per my interactions with the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser I have noted that there is an inverse relationship that a significant portion of them cleave to.

The same ones that are prone to "strip Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas of his blackness" are also inclined to defend "Street Pirates who are Black" for no other reason than the fact that they are Black.

I have concluded that this is done because the BQPFRC in question does a bit of projection.  They see a Street Pirate and say "There but for the grace of God go I".  While they might be inclined to "put their boot on the neck of BP" they will be defending the Street Pirate to insure that this "racist" justice system does not leave such an imprint on the young Black male who's actions have him functioning as a street pirate.

Just as I have taken the time in the past to distill the "essence of the White Racist" I think that it is important to do the same in regards to the inspection of why certain Black people of a certain ideology and consciousness strip Clarence Thomas of his blackness yet use the shield of blackness upon the Street Pirate who is Black.

In the mind of many Black people Clarence Thomas is an obstacle to the advancement of Black people.  He is deserving of attack for these reasons.

In truth, as I have analyzed it - Brother Justice Clarence Thomas is merely an opponent of the LEFTIST METHODOLOGY which has been adopted by the Black Establishment in an attempt to advance the interests of our community.  Sadly there is no "FDA" that is present to evaluate the efficacy of either of these methodologies for the ORGANIC advancement of Black people, thus we often resort to character assassination as a means of holding sway.

In distilling the damage that Clarence Thomas (and other Black Conservatives) do:
  • They strip away the Civil Rights Protections that keep racist Whites from ATTACKING BLACK PEOPLE
  • They strip away the Progressive Government policies which are meant to give Black students a leg up on obtaining QUALITY EDUCATION, mostly by affording access to White educational institutions
  • They stand counter to Progressive Government policies which seek to "keep a boot on the necks of the banks and corporations" to insure that they provide financing to Black people and communities as well as forcing them to substantiate that they discriminate favorably for Blacks in their hiring practices
  • They could care less about the state of health and well being for Blacks and thus fail to provide for our health care via the government
Just as Alabama Democratic leader Joe Reed said the other day - In standing against these "Black positions" they stand against Black people.

Keep in mind, yet again, that one only needs to possess these popular positions and struggle toward this effort.  Few people will demand a check point at which they made a dispassionate assessment about the actual ATTAINMENT of any of these.  Worse yet there appears to be no mandate that these goods are to be obtained as "organically" as possible meaning that they are achieved by the requisite increase in Black community competency where we order our human resources, training them up to be the professional service agents that deliver them.

What Of The Street Pirates Who Are Black?

In my view the young Black man who was to be the "pillar of his community" but now is the main terrorist threat to it is the ANTITHESIS of the "Professional Service Provider" to his community.

Instead of provided needed service in the area of medicine, accounting, computer analysis or even parenting & mentorship he is instead a drain upon his community's resources.  Police and social services and correctional facilities and sheriffs enforcing child support orders are expenditures that his antics trigger.

Ironically those who enumerate the costs of the "War On Drugs" will quote these very same government spending numbers that I have done above.  Their demand is that the government REFORM ITS WAYS so that this money is no longer wasted as such.  Silent they are in detailing what the adults in these community from which the Street Pirate has metastasized must do so that no more street pirates will be produced from the womb of their community.

As their logic goes - the young man who should have been an upstanding citizen was sculpted into a local community terrorist by an ACTIVE conspiracy executed by greater society to isolate him.  In depriving him of the resources that he needs to grow upon into a leader of his community - yet another generation of Blacks will be injured by dysfunction.

These are the views of Minster Louis Farrakhan.
These are the views of Prof Cornel West
These are the views of many Black "Public Intellectuals" who are "Humanities Professors"

Notice the absence of "affirmative actions", executed by the coordinated efforts of the Black community to stand beside the end product from the communities that they now control.  Standing beside the product - just as the Toyota engineer is made to do so.  Just as the BP senior engineering vice president will be made to account for the results of his line of decisions.

The reason why the "Street Pirate who is Black" is not aggressively attacked as is Clarence Thomas is because his actions are said to be derived from the plans that Clarence Thomas and White Conservative-Imperialists have crafted for him.

Despite the fact that the members of the Black community that have the misfortune of living in a proximate distance from the Street Pirate's lair are the disproportionate victims of his assaults and reign of terror - these forces that have concocted this tail of external tampering are not about to allow these uncomfortable facts about Black victims to have them to change their narrative.

Since these external forces have caused the mutations into Street Piracy then our fight should be a fight to change this conspiratorial system.

The External Fight Is A Passive Act

It pains me at times to see certain people "playing through" to the ends that their ideological binds lead them to.  No amount of evidence to the contrary is going to cause the Fundamentalist Bigot to alter his course.  He desires the unity of a large crowd that follows him more than he does effective outcomes.

I don't claim to be an expert manager but my years as a business analyst has showed me that a resources is managed in an "upclose and personal" way - NOT in a round about way where you leave it all alone as you run off to some distant legislature, hoping to return one day with morsels of food by which you feed it back toward health.  By the time the troops return the object of their fight has likely perished.

The Street Pirate is a product of both "benign neglect" and the direct application of flawed theories toward his character development.

Our "street piracy" problems will be mitigated in the future only when the communities from which they propagate from are christened with a radically improved "human resource development and management" dogma.

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