Monday, May 03, 2010

Huey Freeman Of The Boondocks Captures "The Obama Effect" Upon Black Folks

Credit must be given to the cartoon character "Huey Freeman" and the mind that stands behind him - Aaron McGruder in capturing a major point of irony in our history.

In the season premiere of the series "The Boondocks" McGruder flashes back to November 2008 where he focuses upon the election of Barack Obama to the US Presidency and its impact upon Black Americans.

Though McGruder is a lefty he, speaking though the character "Huey Freeman" shows the "irrational exuberance" that took place during this time.  Few other social critics are positioned to capture this without receiving the expected push back from the Black community than is McGruder. 

I liked how Huey the revolutionary was deflated and shown to have lost his resolve for the revolution in the face of this seeming "advancement" of the Black community.   He saw that the election of a Black man into office had an impact upon the Black community that was unobtainable and unsustainable.

Huey's expected glee was stunted because he was flagged as a "domestic terrorist" by right-wing forces and candidate Obama agreed with the labeling, distancing himself from Huey.  This was a symbolic notation:   The election of Barack Obama as president of the United States was not an accomplishment for the revolutionaries.  Instead it showed that "Obama is now 'Da man'" who runs the system against which they are fighting.

Another point of brilliance that was shown in the episode was the contextualization between Huey Freeman and Uncle Rukus.  While they both opposed Obama and the reactions of Black America that followed Huey noted that they are not allies.  Rukus, the Black Republican hated the though of a "Black man" running the nation and was looking to exit America for a "Nordic country".    When given the choice of an African nation he protested saying "they have Black presidents too which defeats the purpose for me moving".   Huey noted that there is a world of difference between he and Rukus.  Rukus was merely being used for his car and drivers license to escape the nation that Obama now leads.   I thought that this distinction was very important.  It closely approximates my own disposition as compared to "Black Republicans".  (No I am not claiming to be a leftist revolutionary as are Huey Freeman and likely Aaron McGruder.  My stance is against the Black/Progressive Establishment and their denial of control over our community so they don't have to accept accountability for it.)

McGruder pushed the envelop of going against the official Black Establishment sentiment previously with his "Martin Luther King Jr Returns" episode a few years ago.


Jefry Lagrange said...

I also noticed how Huey expressed his frustration when he said "What's the point of talking if nobody's listening" So that might be the reason why he didn't say much the whole episode.

TiFF said...

He actually Said "What's the point of talking if nobody ever learns." It's sad because during the third season, Huey didn't say much... he truely didn't give a shit no more. You didn't really see Huey protesting like he usally does on the other seasons. That's sad because That's why i love Huey... I guess that's why everybody loves him. But there might be a chance that he can come back... I mean the last episode when he speaks with "White Shadow" White Shadow: "So it's true huh? Your finally calling the quits!" Huey: "Yeah... so now you can stop spying on me." White Shadow: "Just because you said your retiring, doesn't MEAN your Retiring. It can be Like Jay Z and come back a couple of mounths later." White Shadow is his imagination, a bit of his subconscious so I guess that means... Just because he's "retired", Doesn't mean he wants to Retire. I mean... It hurts like hell when you reaaally need to say something that can change somebody's life but just can't. I guess that's how Huey feels. I hope Radical Huey comes back.

Anonymous said...

Huey (Aaron Mcgruder) was right. So's Tiff's comment. I did notice a decline in social awareness of season 3 and more just satire and making fun. Does that mean that Mcgruder's giving up too!?