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The Strategic Consequences Of "Racism Chasing" - Black Male Unemployment

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I am learning that the best way for me to make my argument about certain issues is to allow the objective reader to make note of the arguments made by others who have a differing opinion than the one that I have and them provide compelling evidence per my analysis of the strategic impact contained within each.

At present there has been a large quantity of debate over the issue of Black unemployment.   The link above and the picture on the matter was lifted from my friend Filled-Negro (Field-Negro) from the "Field-Negro blog" - an AfroSpear affiliate blog.

Staying true to from of a "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser", my friend Filled-Negro brings up the issue of the gap between the unemployment rates between college educated Black men and White men of all other stripes - with or without degrees.  Thus his goal was to contribute to the "Racism Chase".

As I read Mr Negro's argument on the issue I was brought back to a post that I did last week that made use of an interactive unemployment chart from the NY Times in which various demographics could be evaluated. 

The following charts appear to support the claims of Filled-Negro in part:

White Male - With and Without College Unemployment Rate 8.1%

Black Male w/ College Unemployment Rate:  7.8%

Filled-Negro is effectively arguing that the Black male with a college degree (7.8%) is not receiving the employment bump that is much greater than what an average White male has, regardless of his educational status (8.1%).

The next chart which depicts the unemployment rate of the degreed White male is the key reference that Filled-Negro is pegging the Black College graduate to:

Why is it that the White male college graduate has an unemployment rate of 4.2% yet the Black male college graduate's rate of 7.8%?   For my friend Filled-Negro the task was placed upon the blogging community to EXPLAIN why this is and what other force but RACISM is the cause?


When confronted with this discrepancy we have two main paths to take in the way of a resolution.  The most common course of action is to take the "Racism Chasing" approach.  This has its roots in the "Boil The Ocean" approaches that are ideologically based.  Failing a clear explanation from the  "consumers of labor" as to why this gap exists - RACISM is the defacto cause of it.
Thus the Black Establishment (ie: Civil Rights Activists) get reactivated, proclaiming that their job is not done despite the political advancements that have been obtained  We need to be resolute with our constant struggle against the White racist companies that see our qualified Black men and allow their racism to deny them employment.  Their purpose is thus renewed for yet another generation of "struggle".

The second pathway will not likely be taken because, more than likely the baseline data won't even be brought to the table for consideration.

Let's consider some more data points:

The unemployment rate for the Black High School Graduate:  16.2%

When I ran the numbers from the interactive unemployment map tool - the following line of thinking came to mind.  Instead of using the college educated White male (4.2%) as my key point of reference - I made reference to how much of an employ-ability boost was received between the Black High School gradate (16.2%) and the Black college graduate (7.8%).

Furthermore lets run one more set of numbers:

All Black Male Unemployment: 16.3%

These numbers are quite revealing.   If all Black males have a 16.3% unemployment rate while Black male college gradates have a 7.8% then this tells me that there is an inadequately small number of Black males with college degrees in proportion to the total and thus their inclusion into the mix of "all Black males" only drops the aggregate unemployment rate by "0.1%".   THIS IS THE PROBLEM THAT SHOULD BE FOCUSED UPON!!!!  We need more Black college graduates, insuring that those who get derailed along the way stay on the tracks.

Just for completeness:

Black Male w/o High School Diploma Unemployment Rate:  30.9%

This rate it totally unacceptable by any measure.  In this population you are looking at likely candidates for incarceration, Street Piracy, or an early death while working in the drug trade which murders the competition as it takes over corners.  Out of all of the present activist movements that we engage ourselves in - the more effective use of our educational establishments appears to be the one that a coordinated Black community could address as it works to develop a future that looks different from today.


These charts point to one thing:
The control that is present by the Black Political Establishment over the Public Schools (and social/cultural institutions and influences) need to be more effectively applied to insure that:
  • Black Males are made to graduate high school.  This cuts their unemployment rate in half
  • Black Males are made prepared via these public schools to attend college or some trade school - further improving their employment rates

I am a frequent critic of the worship of the "Portraits Upon The Wall" of our elected officials.  Here is a clear cut case where the presence of "favorable people" in office over our key local institutions must be fused into the support of a greater strategic purpose of these same institutions.

The point is incontrovertible.  Indeed there is the force of "racial preference" in which people prefer to "hire their own kind" whom they feel most comfortable with.  At present, however, the population of Black college graduates who might scale their unemployment from 7.8% down to 4.2% pales in comparison to the far larger populations of Black males with high school diplomas or those who don't have one to speak of.

My knowledge of the sensibilities of our community tells me that more people will be interested in going after the "White Racism" in employment than they are inclined to do the more "introspective" course which has far more tangible benefits as it puts our people in a better starting position prior to entering the work force.

The gains in employment, the gains in salary, the gains in the familial stabilizing effect of sound employment, the gains in community retail outlets which trade goods and services for this new income stream are all worthy outcomes from this new consciousness and alignment of the fruits of the political struggle that the Black community has been engaged in.

The desired outcome: A happy Black man who has maximized his potential by being adequately prepared to handle all that comes his way in business. He is more fully developing the potential in his own communities.  He is an "employer" and not just an "employee".

Notice the happy face.


Goji said...


J said...

Don't forget business creation too. Asians have a really low unemployment rate considering the times we live in due to the high percentage of college grads in the group as well as small businesses, a lot of it service/restaurant based.

Diane said...

Yeah, I was trying to write these numbers down, but what I got was

16.3% unemployed Black males
83.7% employed Black males

7.8% of the 16.3% have degrees
.078 x .163 = .01 or 1% of ALL Black males are unemployed with degrees.

The automatic default response also happens with statistic of Black males incarerated.

Strategy and the things we control...
In the Black community we really have to emphasis family stability and faithfulnes if there is to be any hope for the next generation. The promotion of sexual immorality, hatred for other races with it's debilitating effects in our different forms of media is one of the first places that need our attention, since outside of the family, media is one of the biggest influences on our children.

Even if these messages are preached in Church, Blacks in the media should be spreading these messages as well.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]In the Black community we really have to emphasis family stability and faithfulnes if there is to be any hope for the next generation[/quote]


Some organized force needs to focus needs to focus upon aligning the institutions that we control with the permanent interests that we constantly hear about.

Today political power and fighting against their enemy are the only goals for the Black establishment. Our people continue to suffer most where these forces are in control. (As I type this there is a documentary about the "Cook County Jail" and the [seeming] 97% Black male population throwing their lives away is playing)

I challenge anyone to show that the more fruitful focus is as I say rather than "Racism Chasing". The Black establishment prefers going after White folks because it allows them to escape accountability for where they are failing to govern and lead.

Diane said...

Even though I disagree with his harshness, didn't Joe Clark have an uphill fight against blacks when cleaning up Eastside High? I think one of the things that set things in motion for his opposers was his telling people to get off welfare. Joe Clark happened to kick the drug dealers out of the school, raise test scores etc., without asking for help from the federal government. But anyway, those solutions are too practical for people believing that people 1000s of miles away are to blame for what's happening in their local communities.

Greg L said...

"I challenge anyone to show that the more fruitful focus is as I say rather than "Racism Chasing". The Black establishment prefers going after White folks because it allows them to escape accountability for where they are failing to govern and lead."

Amen. This is what I've been looking for. I'm in total agreement.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Even though I disagree with his harshness, didn't Joe Clark have an uphill fight against blacks when cleaning up Eastside High? [//quote]


The foundation of my argument is that BLACK PEOPLE ARE EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.

As such we are at times infected with the very same negative attributes that White people are documented to have.

What you saw in the opposition to Joe Clark was an "UNWILLINGNESS TO CHANGE". The drug dealers don't like people messing with their money. Those who were formerly able to cut up in his school were resistant to someone giving them a new set of rules.

A "bigot" is set in his ways and you can't get him to change by befriending him. You instead define a set of honorable rules that everyone needs to abide by and you communicate them. You then have to roll over the bigots and push them out of the way so that the whole is not derailed.

They will either come along afterward after finally seeing the light or they will continue to be disallowed to be THE STANDARD bearers.