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Philadelphia: Highest Violent Crime Rate / Lowest Felon Conviction Rate

Phila Inquirer Article:  What The New District Attorney Plans To Do About It  (click here)

For three consecutive years, Philadelphia has had the highest violent-crime rate among the nation's 10 largest cities, FBI figures show. It has the highest rate for murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

When I coined the term "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" I was accused of sacrilege.   The term speaks to the penchant of the Progressive to (relatively) sit silently in the face of a wave of criminal assaults by "Street Pirates".  It prefers to rain indignation upon the society that has sculpted these people into such a disposition and thus having their individual assaults being stripped of their person.   When this criminal defendant is "assaulted" by the Criminal Justice System, then these "Social Justice Activists" come to life.  They "make victims out of criminal assailants" while having few compelling words to comfort their victims, many of whom are also living through life's struggles.

During the presidential campaign in 2008 I contrasted the fates of "Two Philadelphias".  
When Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi after receiving the Republican nomination to attend the "Nasoba County Fair" he was attacked by the Black Press Establishment for failing to say one word in tribute to the 3 civil rights workers who had been murdered there 16 years prior.  

In 2008 the remaining Democratic Party presidential candidates held a debate in the city of Philadelphia.  Candidate Barack Obama later returned to the city to do his "Race Speech".  In neither instance did the "Black Establishment Press" pan any of the Democrats for failing to mention the hundreds of Black people who had been murdered in the city of Philadelphia PA...........the year prior OR every year since the time that the attacks upon Reagan established the precedent that a presidential candidate should acknowledge the murdered Black people within a given city or face attack.

In truth - the Black Establishment uses "Murdered Black people" as a political chess piece.  If the person in question is a "Permanent Friend" he need not worry about being held accountable for the actions of others who he had no direct relationship with.

The State Of The City Of Philadelphia

In my opinion the City of Philadelphia is now dealing with the consequences of a certain prevailing ideology.  This new establishment is now in power after years of struggle but has yet to fully implement a management ethos upon the entire eco-system of the city that they now run which can produce the results that they have aspired for.  Most of their efforts has been in the political realm.

Today the new administration of District Attorney Seth Williams plans to take a more "iron fist" approach to those who have no respect for the law or for civil relationships with their fellow residents within the city.

Sadly - I expect the "Social Justice" advocates to stand against him if he locks up too many of them.   Though they continue to point to a better way that engages young people long before their first negative experiences with law enforcement, they make this vision as part of their "struggle" rather than comprehensively bringing this into fruition via their efforts to manage the children that are raised in their own homes.

When the "South" produced an environment that resulted in Black people being murdered and assaulted this region was condemned on a wholesale basis and the governments were called "anti-Black".  Today when the systems in the large cities produce the very same outcomes (dead and assaulted Black people) the fact that favorable people now sit in office in these places diffuses the inclination for repudiation of the system within which this is happening.  Instead a more expansive condemnation of the "AMERICAN system" within which this is happening is likely rendered.  Sadly through all of these efforts the ocean's temperature has not increased one bit.

Philadelphia Inquirer article:
District Attorney-elect Seth Williams says he plans to thoroughly shake up how crime is prosecuted in Philadelphia, with the goal of cracking down on the city's most violent and gun-prone criminals.

In a wide-ranging interview last week, Williams said he was "saddened as a Philadelphian" by an Inquirer investigative series reporting that the city had the highest violent-crime rate among big cities - and the nation's lowest felony conviction rate.

The series found the District Attorney's Office was winning a felony conviction in only one in five cases, less than half the national average.

"Unquestionably, we have to do a much better job," Williams said.

He said the newspaper's reporting this month "vindicated and validated what I've been saying for the last five years."

Williams, an assistant district attorney for 10 years who ran unsuccessfully for the top job in 2005, has been a longtime critic of District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham.

He has cited a federal study of conviction rates in 39 large urban counties that ranked Philadelphia last in two consecutive reports. The Inquirer series went beyond that study in an analysis of 31,000 criminal cases from 2006 to 2008, finding that Philadelphia defendants walk free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of violent-crime cases.

Williams detailed a series of changes that he predicted would distinguish his leadership from Abraham's. Referring to the city's low conviction rate, he said: "If that's the best you can do, then step aside. I'm glad I got the job. My administration won't be Lynne Abraham-lite."

Philadelphia Inquirer Series On Criminal Justice In Philadelphia:


Just sayin' said...

As bad as Philadelphia is now, it will become much, much worse.

How? By letting its police force (and the rest of its employees, eventually. Once one bargaining unit goes, they all do.) move out of the city. Soon Philadelphia will be merely a cash cow that pays for city employees wages and pensions.

I give it seven years before a majority of city employees are suburban commuters with no personal investment in making it all work. Their essential task will be maximizing overtime, minimizing time on the job and never, ever taking a risk.

Constructive Feedback said...

Just Saying:

My main point remains, despite these city employees seeking to move away from the chaos:


As a native of Philly I was there as the present establishment power made it run for power against the RIZZO ADMINISTRATION.

They sought the schools, the mayors office, the city council. State representation as well.

NOW THAT THEY HAVE ALL OF THIS - we have the following results.

There is no one seeking to inspect THE MACHINE and not just the present result.

"How did we in up in this ditch? What consequences must be borne by the navigator? " Must be asked.