Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Support Among Whites @ 42%, Among Blacks It Is 92% - RACISM Is Growing In America!!!!

Obama Loses White Support, Sustains Black Approval

This is the biggest "no brainer" headline in history.

OK, I'll give my people credit. Obama lost 3% points of support. This is a precipitous drop in relative terms.

I again return back to the campaign trail.
Recall that throughout the election the question that was incessantly asked was: "Can White Americans vote their INTERESTS rather than their RACE?"

I as I did my daily walk, streaming audio of NPR coming through my headphones I always asked: "When is the NEXT LOGICAL QUESTION going to be asked?"

If White people are being asked to "Stop voting their race..........what exactly are Black people doing"? And since the question is NOT being asked of Blacks - Why are we stultified as such?

Keep in mind that the typically "Self Inquiry" that is done in assocaition with this notation is "Show me how the Republican/Alternative policies advance the Best Interests Of Black people?". Keep in mind that Manning Marable noted that "Black people are the smartest voters in America..........THEY KNOW WHO REPRESENTS THEIR INTERESTS AND WHO DOES NOT".
I get the strong feeling that if Black people lost our 90% support for the Democratic Party, Professor Marable would note the growth of INGORNACE among his people that must be stopped.

You see - as long as you have the Fox asking the questions - or better yet framing the construct of his own measurement - why should anyone be surprised at the favorable conclusion that he or one of his operatives comes up with?

The missing ingredient that few wish to talk about is INCUMBENCY.

When one machine runs every single institution where Black people live in our highest concentrations and DESPITE THE CONTINUED GRIEVANCES - the masses focus on putting the OTHER GUY on trial all of the time with questions like "Tell me what a Republican has ever done for Black people" - the game is lost. Don't even bother any longer. This person is not interested in having a serious conversation.

Ask this same person to detail for you WITHOUT ANY NEGATIVE REFERENCES TO THE FORCE THAT IS NO LONGER INSIDE OF THE FORT - Sell me on the benefits that you now enjoy as a result of the presence of your favored people controlling your institutions - Sit back and listen to him struggle. He won't get past 5 sentence before he make a reference to this universally hated outsider.

Despite the fact that President Barack Obama is the head of this very same machine that totally dominates every one of these institutions - they have fused THEIR INTERESTS with their PARTY'S INTERESTS. Thus, as they see it - to hold Barack Obama accountable for an OBJECTIVE set of results rather than help him to FIGHT OFF his enemies is to BECOME HIS ENEMY and thus by extension - an enemy of the interests of Black America. (Do you folks see how the thinking works?)

PS: I was called an "Enemy to Black progress last week. Keep in mind that I have never heard this person call Troy Davis an "enemy to Black progress".


  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Preference for Organic Solutions
Where have you heard this framework being mentioned and the calls for transparency from other Black establishment figures?

The open and objective enforcement of this standard is a direct threat to their POWER. It is POWER that they want most. POWER via the Democratic Party and the empowerment of the Progressive Ideology as imposed upon our community. The actual state of the Black community is a "one off" concern. In their view - once the progressive ideology is implemented in this nation - the BLACK COMMUNITY will naturally benefit BECAUSE the structural unfairness will be reamed out of the nation. What they are saying is that White Supremacy will be regulated out by the GOVERNMENT. Government land graders will finally render the "level playing field" that they have long prescribed as the necessary condition before they will try hard without the risk of having some offending White person strip their confidence away.

Is it rational to expect EARNEST MONEY from someone who is taking you upon a journey? "Before I agree to ride or die with you to the very end - do you mind if I independently verify our coordinates by placing this GPS antenna on the top of the car that you are driving? This will allow me to reference your direction via this map that I have."

Obama is their last best hope.
If he fails then THEY fail.
They don't realize that their framework of outsourcing is the primary failure even IF they win the same nominal victories as seen by the control that they have "won" on behalf of the machine in their communities.

The very capitalism that they do not like has a CREDIT LIMIT which they make heavy use of that the nation of Djibouti DOES not have. Thus - regardless of the RIGHTS that the people in Djibouti create LEGISLATIVELY - absent the ECONOMIC SYSTEM to express them and the ACADEMIC transferrence to create Skilled Professionals - these RIGHTS given to the masses upon paper don't even make a good bandage when masking tape is applyed to them and the paper is rapped around one's arm with the inention of stopping the bleeding.

The irony of having an economic system that you hate be the source of your entitlement that is in excess of your productive capacity to render your prefered living standard is not rational.

Does anyone see a fatal gap that is brewing in the future?

One day the CONSUMING MASSES will be faced with having to leverage the skills that they have learned in support of their STANDARD OF LIVING at a time when the economic principles that they operated upon leads to economic collapse. They will then make note how much their failure to develop CULTURAL COMPETENCIES has lead to two outcomes:
  • Their standard of living crashed down to its non-artifically promoted state
  • They journey to another place, hoping to reclaim the one piece of value they had in the system before it collapsed - THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE
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