Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OK - I Give In - What If Tim Wise Is Right - White Folks Don't Like Blacks - Does This Justify Us Seeking Entitlements?

I have learned over time that certain attempts to frame an issue must be directly addressed. You will never hear me say that "there are no RACIST or hate filled Whites in this nation". At the same token - if any Black people are waiting for the "Bobcat" to smooth out the playing field so that not even a misplaced rock is on the playing surface - and thus there is no group that seeks to gain the advantage over another - or attempts to promote stereotypes against that of another - please show me this place. It would be a place with a totalitarian government that controls everyone.

I choose to take Tim Wise's claims head on.


Let us distill the important issues (with respect to Black people) that such a viewpoint carries forth for us.

  1. Such an attack by White people always leads to the counter volley which says "There are more White people on Welfare than there are Blacks. White people are the face of welfare". In making this case the Black defender tacitly admits that there is some shame to being a Welfare recipient. What this actually is is yet another example of state of appeasement based on the knowledge that "There Are White Folks Down In The Mud With Us And Now I Don't Feel So Bad". Thus such a response is not "progressive". Instead it is only an attempt to degrade the standard downward so that people can be made to feel good about "Being In Receipt Of Benefit".
  2. If You Got The White Folks To Stop Associating Black People With Welfare - What Has Been Accomplished - Mr Wise? The key problem that I have with this and most other of your arguments, Mr Wise is that you focus your arguments entirely on the presence of WHITE RACISM. For those of us Black folks who see a "Racist White Person Under Every Rock" - your words are comforting. However, for those of us who see that an assault - verbal or physical from a Black people is EQUALLY as painful as that of a White person doing the same - this racism that you speak of is made less meaningful when there is the Authority of the Law to prosecute any White person who chooses to carry out his RACISM against us. Thus we refuse to "racism chase" for the sake of promoting bigoted feelings of White people above the threat of it being allowed to go unpunished if they do something that actually harms us. Thus I am forced to ask you - If White people stopped negatively stereotyping us as the face of welfare does this move any Black people off of this program?
  3. How much blame should the progressive forces that dominate all aspects of the key institutions that our people look toward for civic services receive because the Welfare entitlement is necessary to have these people live another day? The one thing that I notice accompanying the arguments made by people like Tim Wise is a battery of excuses, explanations and diversions regarding how it is that these conditions persist in too many of our community DESPITE the presence of a political machine that is favorable both to the Black Establishment and Mr Wise. It is quite ironic that the more power they assume over more territories the more Mr Wise and others focus their blame upon EXTERNAL WHITE FOLKS as being the key reasons why "Blacks just can't get ahead".

The truth of the matter is that the twin brother of "White Supremacy" is "Black Inferiority". Mr Wise and others are very articulate in their pursue of the White Racist. They can define very explicitly why it was a crime for White folks to leave us Black people all by ourselves in these once prosperous big cities.

Their assumed Black Inferiority shines through when one takes a step back and scrutinizes their work using the question "WHAT DO THEY EVER ASK OF BLACK PEOPLE IN REGARDS TO BEING THE PRIMARY FORCE THAT DEFINES OUR ENDS?" Wise and others will always be the "Negroes best friend" - as long as we perceive ourselves as downtrodden and oppressed by the thumb of the White man.

I imagine that Mr Wise would have a problem with a Black person who resists his type of "help" because he sees in advance the dependency and outsourced obligations that it foments within our community.

Thus I choose to reframe Mr Wise's argument. No longer do I care WHO the face of Welfare is. Most certainly if someone attempted make the "Indian or Pakistani or Chinese who reside in America" the face of welfare and of educational failure - the abundant proof to the otherwise would force those who dare do so to be seen as incredible.

My suggestion to all "Clear Thinking Negroes" would be to ignore Tim Wise. He has mastered the vein of emotion that can be tapped within most Black people. His quests to "Strengthen Black people" comes less from the actual CHANGE in Black people that is needed so that we might grow stronger. Instead the vast majority of his efforts reside in focusing upon White Folks - forcing them to change.

The average Black person need to do little more than to stand outside and allow the cleansing waters that Mr Wise and his BQPFRC allies will provide to us to rain down upon us. From this act the thick film will be washed off of us and instantly we will be made into improved and equal MEN AND WOMEN.


Anonymous said...

Niggers will NEVER be successful. Why are they even attempting?

Constructive Feedback said...


You threaten to test my editorial policy. I ask that you refrain from using this name toward a specific set of people.

I as a Black man don't respond to such a word. It would take a physical assault that accompanied this word that would motivate a response from me.

As a Black man I am "successful".

I hope that you would be more specific as to what group of people you are speaking about.

April said...

Wow, anonymous, is that the best you've got?