Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Professor Gates: If The Cops DIDN'T Come At The Sight Of Someone Apparently Breaking Into Your House Would You Have Been Pleased?

In 2 days - two Black professors have caused me to wonder if I am living in a different world. On Sunday a Black professor of sociology said that she is tired of being seated next to the bathroom or kitchen in various restaurants.

Now Henry Louis Gates has me wondering why all of my previous encounters with the police did not turn out with me getting arrested.

I have a security alarm. Over the past 12 years I can think of at least two occasions in which the local police were called out to my house because my alarm triggered a response. In both cases I was asked to produce ID. In both cases I was "allowed" to stay in my own house - not escorted into the back of the police car that was in my driveway.

I have a net favorable view of Dr Gates. I, however, get the strange feeling that this entire situation was blown far beyond what it should have ever gotten to.

If two men are seen jostling my door and then walking around my house with contents - I hope that - first of all - my neighbors know me as compared to a stranger. Secondly, failing identification I hope that my neighbors do indeed call the cops as they are looking out for my property and my personal space than they are about "racial profiling" or political correctness.

In theory - Professor Gates should have thanked these police men for checking on his property.
With the increased budget cuts for local police - some community will see more succesful break-ins due to manpower shortages on the police.

How can we fix this situation in Cambrigdge without having a "See Racism Is Alive And Well" series featured on TheRoot.com and various AfroSpear blogs?

(I wish that my people would react as strongly to the "Bloodly Summer" mayhem that is presently going on. You all don't realize how much I wish this.)


RiPPa said...

Why were the charges dropped?

Constructive Feedback said...

Because it wasn't worth it.

I am happy that they did drop the charges.

This was an ego pissing contest between the cops and the professor.

RiPPa said...


Anonymous said...

I am white and I , have been arrested in my home. I was arrested because I parked in my own yard, due to construction in the street. The city left notes on our doors, do not park in street
I parked in my own yard, a police came to my door, and I said it was my property and produced all sorts of info
I offered to show my deed, etc, yet was handcuffed rather forcefully and led away
In my city, we have a big issue with theft, murder and are short of police due to poor city management and major budget cuts, yet they had time to drag a middle class person, very white from their home, so it works both ways. There are issues of racial problems, but my police officer was quite black and I am very, very white. I think I was the reverse, The issue is more likely a power trip of police. I know their job is very tough and if it were up to me, police, fire and teachers would all be paid six figures and the likes of rogue sports stars would not be, but I do not control society and their whims, they worship nike more than education, but having said that due to low pay, overwork and usually poor morale due to the awful budget cuts( can I say, we spent 800 bil in Iraq, yet cut the police force in most major urban cities in the USA), the issue is most likely the police officers were not properly trained to allow an educated person to ask questions and speak back. In my case I was threatened from the moment I opened the do. I was in shock, they were at my door, as I had not set off the alarm by accident, but they had been called from a complaint that I parked in my own yard. I do not live in a suburb, or have any neighborhood ordinances that do not allow this, so I was so shocked and was told why did you park there? I was home relaxing and could not even gather my thoughts to even understand why or what was wrong, I asked why are you here, did I hit the wrong button on my alarm and set off the silent? I have done that before by accident and was told, you know I can arrest you now, I said for what, for being home? From there it went downhill. I will never forget this until the day I die. The professor was lucky, with his credentails he has had all kinds of good help and he has the resources, so I know he felt awful and humiliated, but I was not so lucky. How dare I ask a question to a police officer. He was so stressed and so out of control, overworked from the moment I opened my door, honestly I never open my door at , night, apx 8 pm, but did due to the very loud knock, I looked out and saw the police lights, what a shock. I was not lucky like Gates, I did not get the charges dropped until later, but had to spend the night in a cell, for what?
don't abuse your power and waste time on arresting someone in their home because you decided they asked too many questions about why you could come to their private home and arrest them when I asked them why don't you focus on the drug pushers and murders in this city,

Professor I feel for you, but you had four hours, I had to be there 36 hours due to such a screwed up system and then the prosecutor just loved having a nice white middle class person to jerk around, while she could have let me go right away in jail, she just loved having me, while she let go the druggies, repeat offenders and prostitutes, what a joke that was. She actually had drunks, druggies, and actual battery, etc , she did not hold them over, but chose a nice white middle class person with ZERO RECORD to hold because the police told her I dared to ask questions and demand action. ( stupid me, thought your home was your castle and you actually had freedom of speech in your home ) Gates called the captain and got out in four, so whine on, but been there, done that and it is abuse, regardless of your color. let's take the high road and focus on the abuse issue. the only way to move beyond race is to not see or mention color. When I see Obama, I see greatness, not color