Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Poorest Zip Codes In The United States

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US Internal Revenue Service figures

Lowest Income Tax Filers By Zipcode For Zipcodes With 200,000 or More Filers

The purpose of this data IS NOT TO impugn any of the residents living within these zipcodes.

My only objective is to put some FACTS on the table for those who are inclined to attack "The South" as the poor area of the nation as caused by the policies that are present.

PLEASE DO NOT try a rebuttal in which you post the WEALTHIEST zipcodes in the nation - as this is not what I am arguing. There is no doubt that large metro areas, particularly in the highly dense Northeast have high concentrations of wealth. I am not arguing this point.

MY PURPOSE is to challenge the claim that "Southern States", via their policy choices render POVERTY.

Those who make this claim typically like to reside at the state level of granularity because, per their insidious objectives, it seems to substantiate their claim.

My argument is that upon taking a more granular view of the situation - all regions of this nation have their share of poverty which results from a multitude of factors.

Since it is my belief that POVERTY IS THE DEFAULT STATE OF MAN and that only SYSTEMS CREATE WEALTH......a county in sparsely populated Montana that has 10 poor people is not a valid indicator of the general condition of the state.

It is far more revealing to inspect the SYSTEM OF WEALTH CREATION in a given area and note the relative positioning that the people who are encapsulated within the boundary have their placement. Either they are positioned to receive great financial reward in comparison to their investment of time and talents OR they receive a relatively low return as the value of their contribution is valued less by the market.

With this as a framing those who are interested in POLICY rather than CLASS WARFARE will adopt new language: "What must we do to change the relative positioning of the people of interest in regards to the value of their skills and labor in the scheme of the system?"

Today they are focused on RADICALLY CHANGING THE SYSTEM and upsetting the notion of the MARKET VALUE that is derived by the "Seller Of Labor".

As such they can only ever have a their party arbiter in the middle of the process, making VALUE JUDGMENTS that are aligned with some arbitrary notion of the worth of the INDIVIDUAL to society while diminishing the messages to the person that HIS WORTH is expressed via his commitment to his own DEVELOPMENT and SALE to which the system will apply value.

If the South is to be condemned as a place where hatred, intransigence and misalignment has rendered POVERTY........what then do you ascribe to the North and other areas that are represented on this list?

I take it they represent "Government work YET TO BE DONE!!!"

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