Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NAACP Marches Against "Pirate On Black Crime" Though A Victimized Black Community

The Way to End Black on Black Crime Is To Open Your Mouth

I'm so sick and tired of black-on-black crime. Every so often I've had to write about crimes that have occurred in black communities. In some cases, they involve young people under 21. The sad part is many of these crimes may not have happened if it was for vigilant residents. Neighbors know where the drug dealers and gun toters live but refuse to call the police. Even with anonymous hot lines that offer money, people who live in these crime-infested area are still reluctant to call police. The police can't be everywhere at all times.

An 8-year-old St. Petersburg girl lost her life during gunfire recently and her death devastated the community where she lived. The shooting rattled them so much that the St. Pete chapter of the NAACP organized a march of 400 people, including the mayor. These people, who marched through their very own community, had no problem letting the troublemakers know that they had enough.

Had there been enough nosy neighbors (I'm talking to you, retirees who are home all day) there wouldn't be a need for a march and Paris Whitehead-Hamilton would still be skipping rope in her neighborhood.

I commend the community for coming together, but don't be a fair-weather protester. You must continue to stay on the front lines by establishing a better relationship with your local law enforcement officers and not tolerating drug dealers or gang bangers to live next door with their rifles and automatic handguns.

Black churches should also be the leaders in this effort. There's just about one on every street corner, but yet some of them turn a blind eye to what's happening around them.

I know there is fear of retribution and with the neighborhood so saturated with criminals, it's hard to speak up. But trust me, your neighborhoods can be cleaned up and you can sit on your porch drinking that nice glass of lemonade again.

While crime is everywhere, it doesn't occur as much in the predominantly white neighborhoods. Don't let that continue to be the trend. Show that predominantly black neighborhoods can be just as proactive and a safe place to live, too.

At this point I am supposed to be estatic that the NAACP has organized a march against "Pirate On Black Crime".  Can I give NAACP a clue?

A protest march is  a tool that is used as a means of having several INDIVIDUALS, coales into a GROUP to show some EXTERNAL POWER that they are stronger as a unified force than as seperate individuals.  It is the ultimate "Speak Truth To Power" tactic.

So now let's back up a bit.  WHO was the target of the NAACP's protest?


These are the young Black men that CAME FROM THE CRADLES that many of the people who participated in the march had ROCKED.  Thus it must be said - THEY ARE ULTIMATELY MARCHING AGAINST THEMSELVES.  

You don't believe that these "Domestic Pirate Thugs" are seen as part of the community?  Let the cops come in and abuse some of them and we will surely see another MARCH.

Now let the same cops go and bust up some heads at a Skin Head march.  We would not see any protests in support of the Skin Heads against police abuse.


Here is the answer, NAACP.  When you run the domain from which your antagonist has come form you don't do MARCHES.  You focus on MANAGEMENT.

All of these young Black males that are at the center of this were raised in this community that is being terrorized.  While you all would like to sell the message that the "Slave Master's Whip" has reached forward more than 140 years and are still the major force channeling these youth.

In truth the force that is trumping that which the past has delt them is the absence of ACTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL MANAGEMENT of these new borns that are raised up within a system that has been PROTECTED by forces such as the NAACP.  This is not going to change until there is a realignment between the PERMANENT INTERESTS and the day in, day out actions that are enforced within.

In as much as the Black community bears the brunt of the negative impact from these individuals - it is the Black community that must bear the largest burden for directing our own people toward a certain end.  Even IF the outside government does not come to the rescue with resources - it is STILL the community's responsibility.

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Tom said...

Excellent points. Three months later we are struggling to keep our neighborhood from sliding back into violence.

Did the march do any good? Its still too soon to tell but it may have been helpful. The work of organizing it took away from more important work building crime watch and citizens patrol. Mostly, outside groups provide a distraction into useless protests, meetings and media events. Then we go back to where we were organizing neighbors to look out for each other.

Here are some links to news stories and photos from the march: