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Constructive Feedback University: "The Michael Brown-Police Brutality Ritual" And The Psychological Warfare Scheme To Remove "Black On Black Crime" Off Of The Table So The Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition Can Exploit The Situation For Their Maximum Benefit

The following is an e-mail message from the "Gwinnett County Georgia Democratic Party" that was forwarded to me by a friend of mine.

The fall out of the "Police Killing Of Michael Brown" should be documented and appraised.  I watched the movie "Bonfire Of The Vanities" a few days ago and the AFTERMATH is nearly identical to this Hollywood script.


If you notice the landscape of the debate that is presently being cast - the Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalists who have "walked past a multitude of 'Black Carcasses In The Street', close to their homes as they made their way to Ferguson Missouri" - understand that JOB #1 IS TO DEFINE THE ISSUES OF THE DEBATE THAT ARE ALLOWED UPON THE TABLE.

The debate THIS "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" by the police in the context of a SEA OF DEAD BLACK BODIES, murdered at the hands of other Black people threatens to derail this FRAUDULENT "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster".

JOB #1, thus is to REMOVE the discussion on "Black On Black Crime" so that their agenda is not exposed - and thus they can focus on "POLICE ON BLACK VIOLENCE AND KILLINGS".

Back to the Gwinnett County Democratic Party.

If you have read this blog you will recall that I have exposed the agenda of "The Atlanta Voice" newspaper - a local NNPA syndicate and the "Voice Of The Black Racial Services Machine" / "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta".

  They have their eyes fixed on increasing the ranks of the Democratic Party in Gwinnett County.   "The Atlanta Voice" understands that it has order their journalists to drive through Dekalb County and not report on their problems in order to expose the opportunity for the "Black Racial Services Machine".

The friend who sent me the email originally lived in Dekalb County.  His relocation is 1/5th of the reason why the term "Black Flight Progressive" was coined on this blog.

About 10 years ago - after teasing me for moving to a predominately White county on "The South side" - he and his wife picked up their family and moved from Dekalb to Gwinnett.   His wife told me:  "I want my children in a more competitive academic environment where they can be challenged and motivated to move to the next level.   Gwinnett is more DIVERSE and my children need to be exposed to today to the people who they will ultimately be working with and competing against for jobs".

In other words - their section of Stone Mountain:

  • Had a high school (Redan High) that, despite its suburban location began to adopt the character of an "inner city school"
  • Their property values declined as the golf course in their community closed down and now the county was chasing down the owners, attempting to force them to mow what used to be lush fairways and greens.
  • After we exchanged stories about how strict my "Home Owners Association" is, while his was more tolerant - the once perfectly uniformed front lawns full of Bermuda grass started to show the effects of this tolerance
    • Side note - Please recall that my own "Obama Defensive" Black neighbor once told me "When this neighborhood becomes majority Black I think we are going to move away".   I RESPONDED (me the Black Conservative sellout) "When the HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION stops enforcing the strict rules that protect "curb appeal" and keep our property values up THEN I AM GOING TO MOVE.
It should surprise no one then that Gwinnett County, Forsyth County, (North) Fulton County, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Coweta County, Fayette County, Henry County, Newton County and Rockdale County have been receiving so many "Black Flight Progressives" who have exited Dekalb County, Atlanta/Mid & South Fulton County and Clayton County.

Do not get me wrong - I fault no one for seeking a "better" neighborhood, more stable and high performing schools, a retail environment with more to offer and stable or increasing property values.  You will never hear me tell anyone what to do with their money (unless we are talking about "collaborative benefit").  

However, when we dig a little deeper and make note that the very plots of land that they STRUGGLE to gain political control over, after decades of fighting with their White, (sometimes) Republican, Racist, Conservative enemies - with the promise that "Once We Put Favorable People In Power - Things Are Going To Improve For The Black Community" - it would be a miscarriage of intellectual honesty to not observe that:
  • Once they did achieve the front end promise that THE VOTE provided for them.........
  • They were in no position to stand up and ASK THEMSELVES:  "SELF - Where are those BENEFITS that we promised ourselves would be received once we VOTED 'PEOPLE WHO LOOKED LIKE ME THOUGHT LIKE ME AND MY ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT GOVERNMENT INTO POWER?"
I Did Not Receive A Message Via My Friend From The "Gwinnett County Democratic Party" When This Killing Of A Black Man Took Place In Gwinnett County Earlier This Year

Dear Prof Cornel West - You Know That "President Obama DID NOT Trick Any Black American Into Voting For Him". YOU Are Merely Unwilling To Call Out The "Black Racial Services Machine" That Sold The "Black Harvest" To The American Political Machine AND You Lack The Insight To Call For Regulation WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY For Future Protection

 We take no pleasure in bringing this information from Prof Cornel West forward.

In fact - the fact that he STILL is not being honest shows that there will be a "rinse and repeat" cycle in the future - with a similar misappropriation of "Black consciousness" into political opportunism.

I have more respect for "Al Shaprton" and "Michael Eric Dyson" who KNOW FULL WELL that the "Americanized Negro" is PRIMED FOR THE TAKING and are still playing along with the scheme - than I do for Prof Cornel West - who only NOW has come to see the light of the gross damage that is occurring as "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" is allowed to fuse into "AMERICA POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" - the Black Racial Services Machine being full participants in the FRAUD AND HOKUM at the expense of the "Black Rank & File".

It is our belief that the "Presidency Of Barack H. Obama" WAS A NECESSARY transition point in the saga of the "Negro In America".

WHAT OTHER CONSTELLATION of loyalties is ever going to occur again by which the "STALWART BLACK AFRO-CENTRIC GUARD " is seen "standing down" as the AMERICAN IMPERIALISTS attack "Nations Of Color" particularly Africa - all without generating protests akin to what we saw in Ferguson?

WE NOW KNOW that when and if "The Americanized Negro" is forced to choose between his POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST INTERESTS IN AMERICA and his solemn vow for "Protection Of The Mother Land"....................

  • He will choose to not attack the VESSEL through which his progressive opportunism in America that promises "Social Justice" - over his previous promise of "AFRICA - Never, Never Never Again!!"
  • After he purchased his "DNA Cheek Swab Ancestry Kit" to find out which ANCESTRAL TRIBE he got his "Negroid features from" - at the same time that his DISTANT COUSINS where in fear of their lives from the "Ebola Virus" in West Africa - THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO was conducting "FREEDOM FIGHTER LOOTING In Ferguson" against the "White Racist Police", who dress like American commandos that have their way in Yemen - able to kill two Yemeni citizens in a barber shop in country - but never set foot in court.   

Constructive Feedback University: The Victory Of The "White Right Wing" Is Not Found In Their Court Losses Over "Voter Photo ID" But In The Fact That They Provoked The "Black Racial Services Machine" To Agree To Market BLACK INFERIORITY On Behalf Of The "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition", And Never Debate The Question Of "IF The Negro Was Sufficiently DEVELOPED After 50 Years Of 'Voting For His Salvation' "

WHYY Radio Times:  Improving Pennsylvania's Ballot Elections

In most other nations around the world - when the GOVERNMENT proves to be so corrupt that the PEOPLE violently protest as a sign of their "Vote Of No Confidence" in the process of voting in their pursuit of "Governmental Change".

IF there was more honest conversation about the "Americanized Negro" - We would keep focused on the "Black Racial Services Machine" - the overlay force that negotiates the terms of the "Black Community Mineral Harvests" into the receiving train cars of the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" - akin to a colonial power in the continent of Africa - and how today EVERY SINGLE "BLACK STRUGGLE MOTION" ultimately is manifest in a VOTE AGAINST the WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY.

IF there is a "Mission Accomplished Zone" where there are no White Republicans left to fight against - the corrupt "Middle Man Overlay Force" understands that the Black rank & file won't ever demand of them, THE NEW ESTABLISHMENT POWER:  "Where Are The Valuables That We Gave You For Our Development Over The Past 50 Years?"

Instead when it comes to the 'Black Racial Services Machine' showing the "Black Rank & File" a measure of CHARACTER - by acknowledging that their "Best Laid Plans Through Political Opportunism" were flawed and did not work out as promised - THEY UNDERSTAND that since NO ORGANIZED FORCE IS ASKING for a unilateral disarmament of these investments into the "Team" - the logical thing for the "Machine" to do is to SCALE THEIR IMPERIALIST SCHEME OUTWARD - focusing on the next closest White Right Wing enemy to stand up for the FIGHT.


No mental association has STOLEN MORE VALUABLES from the Black community than the words of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" who has the gift of articulation to compel the "Black Congregation" to FIGHT.

PSYCHOLOGY NOT POLITICS -   You must understand that the "Fight Meme" provides the notions of "BLACK PURPOSE" to those who are not sufficiently skeptical about the balance in their financial services account.

While Marcus Garvey was successful at turning this "Spirit Of Struggle" into institutions within the Black community" - today's "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaster' is equally adept in DESTROYING BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS by channeling this spirit into the cistern that is acceptable in the age of "INTEGRATED AMERICAN CONSCIOUSNESS" - the voting system of America.

What we have today is a successful "supplantation" (I made up this word, and I don't give a damn what "" says) of the Black community's will to defend its own "Black Racial Interests", yielded because THE TEAM is now an acceptable channel.

(In case you White folks don't know) - Despite the fact that by every ligitimate measure "Black People Are 100% INTEGRATED INTO AMERICA" - the pseudo-resistance to this notion provides a bit of "pseudopsia" that is helpful to the "Americanized Negro" and any of his political "Joint Venture" partners for use in the "Malcolm X American Political Opportunism Football Game"

The Persistent Unwillingness Of WHYY's Marty Moss Cohane And Other White Liberals To Tie The "Serial Black Community Dysfunction" That They Report On Daily With The "PROGRESSIVE MINERAL HARVESTING OPERATIONS" That Affirm Their Own Views

Another episode of "Radio Times" from Philadelphia PA - another missed opportunity for the show host to display some insight about what is REALLY going on within the Black residential areas of her metropolis.

Yes - give them credit for reporting on the problem plagued schools, violent streets and (get this in a majority Black city run by the people who they voted into power).......the sentiments of ECONOMIC DISENFRANCHISEMENT.

IF Ms Cohane and other White Liberals were more transparent - they would confront the operatives like the "NAACP" and "Center For American Progress" who are nakedly seeking to bring more "Black crops" to market via the voting process and DEMAND that they prove that this entire scheme is done to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE and not just extend Progressive Fundamentalist Imperialism on the backs of "Under-Developed Black People.

Their mistake is to believe that the nearly complete domination of the screen of the "Black Community's Artificial Horizon" by progressives is evidence that they are the inextricable VOICE of the people and their navigation.

IF ONLY they could make the same inference which says that "Citibank and Wal-Mart" do not necessarily have the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community in mind - DESPITE their sponsorship logos at so many Black events and EXTEND this line of reasoning to the "Black Racial Services Machine" - by putting up a STRUCTURAL CHALLENGE by which this machine is forced to PROVE that their agenda is to DEVELOP THE BLACK PEOPLE and not just to string them along.

On The Matter Of Malaria: Progressive Funamentalist, Athiest, Ideological Bigot Bill Maher Takes Republican Dick Cheney To Task On Malaria Eradication Instead Of Asking His Black Progressive Friends "What Have You Done About Malaria, Clean water And Ebola In Africa - Aside From Getting A DNA Cheek Sawb To Confirm Your Ancestry?"

When Your Conscious Vision Is Properly Directed You Can See That "The Joke Is On Those Who Don't Appear In The Joke Due To Their Propensity For Offendedness - But Their More Significant Connection To The Matter At Hand Shows The Truth That Is In The Heart Of The Fraudulent Comedian Who Knows To Redirect The Indictment Elsewhere, Away From His Incompetent Friends"
Source: Pilgrim Africa

With The Facts Above Presented To You - WHO Do You Suspect That Progressive Fundamentalist Ideological Bigot Bill Maher Is Most Concerned About Spoiling His Favorable Relationship With So He Has Never Indicted Them About Their Questionable Commitment To Africa?

Uganda - The Malaria Hot Spot - The Obama Administration Sanctions Against "Homosexual Oppression" Includes Health Care Spending


In Metro Atlanta, Regardless Of If Women Of Color Are Murdered Old Or Young They Are Not Going To Be Featured in A Mike Luckovich Cartoon Or The Civil Rights Ritual Worship Center Until The Attributes Of Their Killers Qualfies Their Entry

The Universal Safe Target For Mike Luckovich To Achieve His Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition Agenta Targets Is The WHITE AMERICAN MALE With "Right-Wing " Affinities.  Any One Else With A Variance In Racial And Gender Assignment But With "Right-Wing" Tastes Are Candidates For Promotion To EQUALITY

Every One Else Is A Receives A "Passover" In Luckovich's Religion
The 9 Year Old Little Girl Who Was Being Taught How To Shoot A Machine Gun, And Accidentally Kills The Instructor Provides Fresh Fodder For Mike Luckovich's "Editorial Cartoonists For Gun Control" Efforts
The Little Black Girl Who Was Killed By The "Domestic Partner" Of Her Mother Fear Not, "Gay Community" - If Luckovich Has A "Hands Off Policies" On Black Homicide You Should Not Worry That He Would Ever Exploit The Notion Of "Domestic Violence In The Gay Community".   The Killer Of This Little Black Girl Is A "Triple Minority In Luckovich's View:
  • Black 
  • Female 
  • Lesbian 
The Gwinnett County Police Men In The Video Have A Better Chance Of Being Featured

The Asian Ex-Wife Who Was Stabbed To Death By Her Ex Husband And Her Mother A Neck Wound.

The Black Man Who Used His Gun For A Good Purpose When He Shot Out The Back Window Of The Killer As He Sped Away
AJC: Dobule Stabbing Victims Identified, Ex-Husband Kills Himself

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
Mike Luckovich would assure us that it was not the "race" of the killer but the fact that he used a knife and not a guy that made in a non-interesting subject.

(Updated) How "Crunk Feminist" Brittney Cooper Managed To Turn My Anticipation Of Her Structured Critique Of Al Sharpton Into An Astonished Disbelief Of Her Ability To Discombobulate The Truth In The Space Of One Article: "The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Al Sharpton" THE BLACK CONSERVATIVE PREACHER (Is Not Your Friend):  Brittney Cooper:  Al Sharpton Does Not Have My Ear

I am going to take a different path in my analysis of Brittney Cooper's analysis of "The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Al Sharpton" and his competency to LEAD US - as a BLACK CONSERVATIVE PREACHER.

As I read Ms Cooper's arguments I thought of all of the INSTITUTIONS and INVESTMENT HISTORY that her arguments have violated.

Instead of doing a line by line rebuttal of her arguments - I am going to CONFINE HER THEORIES by using the array of models that I have developed over the years.

Ms Cooper should have "Stopped Right There" once she saw herself portraying Al Sharpton as a "Black Conservative" in order to make her arguments against him stick, rather than an OPPORTUNIST whose relative success is merely a function of his mastery of the SYSTEM that is full of "Fellow Thieves".

We must first understand: WHAT IS BEING STOLEN (from the Black Community) in order to rebut Ms Coopers central thesis (and ideological foundations)
The Cruck Feminist's View Of The World
From Rutgers University
Constructive Feedback University
The first Black owned and black controlled on-line university that was created in response to the threat to the Black Consciousness that many "Africana Studies Programs" represent.
(Note:  I am not claiming that Brittney Cooper believes this about Black Conservatives.  I have no evidence to support such a claim.  I am making reference to this as commonly held believe among the Black Progressive community)
 The ONLY Wish That I Make For The "Abstract Black Feminist Progressive Fundamentalist" Is That They Improve Their Sensibilities In Relating To The "BLACK WOMEN SEEN CRYING ON THE TELEVISION NEWS" - Who DON'T Receive Their Protective Cover BECAUSE The RACE Of The Attacker Of Their Loved One Is Not Exploitable By The "Progressive Fundamentalist Sisterhood" Who GO ALONG TO GET ALONG But Never CHALLENGE The Ideologically Dominated Antics Of THE MACHINE

 If Black women like Brittney Cooper can't STAND UP FOR THESE WOMEN, against "The Team" that they have been lulled into expressing their grievances THROUGH the channel of POLITICS, only to receive such little returns - WHO WILL STAND UP FOR THEM?
From The Article
Last century, black churches were the locus of a kind of narrative authority in black communities – the way black preachers, mostly male, told our story to us in light of the story of Jesus Christ gave us hope, inspired change and helped us to make sense of black suffering, to believe that God had a grander purpose in the sure and steady sacrifice of black bodies, namely the fashioning of a better, more just America.

To her credit Brittney Cooper speaks of BLACK RITUALS and the (so-called) "Black Church and the importance that it plays in the lives of Black Americans.

She also states that the (so-called) "Black Church" is a POLITICAL INSTITUTION.

These observations are 100% in line with mine on a functional level.

The problem with Ms Cooper's analysis is that she does not see the "Political Black Church" as the central problem with regard to how "The Americanized Negro" has lost his way.

IF you can get past my "therapy sessions" in which I am prone to verbally attack those who cause me the greatest amount of grief via their exploitation of Black people (via the inside job), this blog is ultimately about STRONG BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS.

I don't need to inspect the heart of Ms Cooper to understand if she is a "Bible Believing Christian", who has faith that "Jesus" is gonna come next week if he chooses to do so.

The problem is that there is no mention of UN-MAKING the "Black Church" as a POLITICAL INSTITUTION, and have it return to a PLACE OF RESPITE from the EARTHLY ORGANIZED FRAUD that POLITICS is.

A few years ago I told the story of having my young children experiencing the "Holl'in Church" from my extended family back at home in the Carolinas.    In the sanctuary there was a tag team match between the preacher who had a performance to his "moral message" of "Get right with Jesus".  Then the choir director who incessantly sang the chorus of the song - knowing that he would "Bring The Spirit" to certain (female) souls that were under duress and needed relief.
By the third repetition that woman who always "catches it" showed the signs - he walked over to her in order to "push her over the edge".   I have no doubt that my children were stunned at what they saw.

I told them that this is a small Southern town.  Everyone knows everyone else's business.  Between poverty, unemployment, school drop out or drug abuse - the people in this church afforded themselves a "non-judgmental zone" where (usually the mothers who had to deal with it all) could come in and "Catch The Spirit" - discharging  themselves of this penned up stress and have everyone "understand".

When I walked into the "community area" of this same church - I saw "Obama Biden" posters all over the place.  So much for the "separation of church and state".

The primary violation was not that the church violated some "IRS mandate" but that in this place where people's emotions are left so exposed to (positive and structured) manipulation - the command of "American Politics" could not be escaped.

As I hung out with my extended set of cousins - some of whom had recently went to the "Democratic Convention" in Charlotte at the time their abject poverty and despair in this small town where the class distinctions are:  "I Have A Job That Allows Me To Just Get By" versus "I Am A Serially Unskilled Worker - Some Unexpected Drama In My Life Is Going To Take Me Under" they had a unanimous belief that THE VICTORY BY PRESIDENT OBAMA IN 2012, the TEAM VICTORY, was going to be their salvation - as manifest in their PRIDE - even if their economic, academic and environmental (cultural/ social) reality said otherwise.


For Sharpton and Dyson, Jackson and Warnock - the fact that "Black" and "Christian" and "Democrat" are all synonymous is not a PROBLEM but an AFFIRMATION of their correctness.

Just like "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - as they look out among their congregation and see various points of dysfunction and tepid GROWTH - there IS NO PARTICULAR BENEFIT to their agenda to try to dislodge "The BLACK CHURCH FROM AMERICAN POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" so that "LET MY PEOPLE GO" can be told to the POLITICAL COLONIAL MASTER.


4 Pastors In Harlem, Tired Of The Poverty And Neglect Of The Black Community In Harlem Form A Movement To Counter Al Sharpton's POWER - Theirs Is A POLITICAL MOVEMENT And Not A CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT.

The text of the "NY Daily News" article was a "Just The Facts Ma'ma" report.   At no time did the journalist show any surprise that 4 Harlem Based Preachers are conspiring to form a "counter-movement" to address the problems in Harlem and across the larger metro - NOT with the goal of having an EXPANDED ECUMENICAL PRAYER CIRCLE - but to have a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION THAT PUSHED ITS AGENDA.

As Black people we have a running battle regarding WHO conscripted us to "Christianity".  "The White Slave Master" gave us the "White Man's Religion",  "Islam is the only 'Black Religion' (ignore that the Arab Muslims also enslaved Blacks as well).

This "Black History Lesson" is too corrupt to inspect the fact that TODAY'S APPLICATION OF "RELIGION" as a political tool is just as powerful as a "SLAVE MASTER" and his desire to channel certain outcomes among "The Negro" as ANYTHING a White European chattel Slaver had in mind with regards to using THE BIBLE so he did not have to make use of the WHIP and the THUMB VICE.


From The Article:

In his sermonic remarks at Michael’s funeral yesterday, Sharpton tried to assume the mantle of black America’s spiritual leader, the one with the moral and rhetorical force to move us toward thinking of Mike’s death as the beginning of a movement, rather than merely a moment.
Al Sharpton, however, does not have the ear of this generation, and it is not his leadership that any of us who will live on the planet for the next half-century or so really needs. To be clear, I do not believe in the slaying of elders. Black cultural traditions hold within them a serious reverence for the authority and wisdom of elder people.
At no point does Brittney Cooper question THE SOURCE OF "The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Al Shaprtons' MORAL AUTHORITY.
It does not bother her that in his multi-channel:  Television, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, and Twitter dispatches - he is not called upon to give a "Christian Theological Insight".    "Reverend all is ONLY a Progressive Fundamentalist Political Opportunist.   THE DEVIL is always a Right-Wing Republican.

The fact that Ms Cooper says that "The Young Hip Generation Is Not In Tune With Sharpton's Leadership" DOES NOT SAY that there are any MATERIAL DIFFERENCES that they have with his prescribed outcomes.

In fact you can't find any differences, only a preference for different mechanism to animate the Black youth into the same "Struggle Motion".

Did you hear the verbal attack on "The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Jesse Jackson" down in Ferguson?  

The wayward young Black male who asked Jackson "WHY ARE YOU HERE?   We haven't seen you marching WITH US on the streets for JUSTICE" did not question Jackson's alignment with this the "Bonfire Of The Civil Rights Pharisees" ritual.   He only questioned Jackson's methodological stance with HIM.

  • Why did this ONE "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" trigger an intense "Struggle Motion" in Ferguson and satellite protests around the country?
  • WHO determined that this one incident "Was The One", the straw that broke the camel's back - turning the "MOMENT into a MOVEMENT"?
  • WHY is a majority White functional small town government worse than the government of Gary or Camden - which went through its "Its A Black Thang, You Wouldn't Understand" era of government only to leave the Black congregation as UNDER-DEVELOPED and in need of a massive "Show Me" that a new politician in power is going to alter our course, as they've heard it all before.

Thus it is IMMATERIAL that the Young Black Progressive Fundamentalist prefers "Dream Defenders" to "Al Sharpton".

BOTH are horses OWNED by the same stable - trained to come home to the same stable when the sun sets at the end of the day.

That which promotes itself as "Radical And Revolutionary" is NEITHER. 

They are little different than "Profiling Police Officers", CHERRY PICKING a focus upon their forte' but ultimately INCOMPETENT at managing the entire slate of issues - bringing the entire expanse into a MANAGED STATE.

From The Article

This is not about Sharpton’s age, but rather about how he has positioned himself in relationship to black politics. My issue with him resides squarely within the limitations of his moral and political vision for who and how black people get to be within the American body politic.

Those limitations emerged almost immediately in his sermonic remarks as he stood in a pulpit over Mike Brown’s casket. Unable to resist shaking a finger at “looters and rioters,” he told them “this is not about you. This is about justice.”  Justice apparently is not about us. Taking a page from the standard conservative black preacher playbook, he goes on to rail against a black community that mistakenly thinks the “definition of blackness” is “about how low you could go.” Among these misguided black people, there is the apparent sense that “it ain’t black no more to be successful.” Thus he concludes, that “we have to clean up our community so we can clean up the United States of America.” We have to do this because, “nobody is going to help us if we don’t help ourselves.” Thus, we must quickly dispense with our penchant for “ghetto pity parties.”

This analogy is a leap - so please say with me - FOCUSING ON THE "UNDERLYING POINT" and not the every detail of the comparison.

In this "50 Day War" against Gaza - I've noticed that while "The 'Democracy Now' Left" has unanimous condemnation for Israel and they mention that the United States is an enabler of Israel's "Apartheid State" - NONE have been intellectually transparent enough to go back to their views on "Ronald Reagan and his 'guilt by association' support of South African Apartheid via his opposition to sanctions - and thus make the same case with regard to President Obama and Israel.

This is not an analogy about "Apartheid". This is a post about INTER-RELATIONSHIP and how "TEAMING" brings SILENCE.

While Brittney Cooper sours upon "Reverend Al" - she is unable to extend "Referential Condemnation" upon the people in her favor who "Break Bread" with "Al", allowing him to be who he is:





To quote Philip Agnew of the Dream Defenders, when asked recently about the helpfulness of clergy to the work in Ferguson, some of the clergy have been “problematic.” Problematic is putting it mildly. Sharpton’s words should certainly put to rest those critics who suggest that black people are never outraged about “black-on-black crime” and the ills that plague black communities. These sermonic turns of phrase rise to the level of cliché when set against any number of sermons preached from black pulpits on Sunday mornings.
The idea that black communities can be saved through self-help is an idea that emerged during the immediate moment following Reconstruction, when Northerners and the federal government, weary of helping black people get on their feet after centuries of slavery and tired of being at odds with their white Southern brethren, abdicated all sense of responsibility to fledgling, newly freed black communities. In response to this massive depletion of government resources, black communities turned inward, touting a politics of respectability, hoping that if they merely “acted better” and “more fit,” the nation would accept them.
For nearly 140 years now, we have repeated this mantra of “self-help,” stopping only in limited instances to question whether in fact it is we who are the problem. But Sharpton’s remarks, his own call for us to finally deal with the problem of militarized and racist policing of black communities, suggests that we are not in fact the problem.
Notice The TIME REFERENCES in Ms Cooper's Passage to the left

  1. 140 Years Ago - OUT OF SLAVERY - Pernicious Attacks When "No Black Man Had Any Rights That A White Man Need Respect" - "Booker T Washington's - Pull Yourselves Up By Your Own Boot Straps" was met with a Klansman who shot you in the back as you bent down to tie your boot strings
  2. 50 Years Ago - The Civil Rights Movement ended- when "The Black Church" was used as a "good tool" to advance social justice
  3. Over The Last 50 Years - We turned from OUTSIDE protests to INSIDE PROGRESSIVE POLITICS - we fought this pernicious WHITE RIGHT WING ASSAULT with Progressive Public Policy
  4. TODAY - The "White Right-Wing Backlash" against the BLACK PRESIDENT has the Black community depleted of resources - a modern day retreat of federal troops from the Black community - just like Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes concocted 


Notice that in Brittney Cooper's line of thinking it is actually OFFENSIVE TO HER SPIRIT for someone to believe that "140 Years Hence" THE NEGRO SHOULD BE ABLE TO STAND ON HIS OWN.

What Britney Cooper is saying is that SHE IS FRUSTRATED BY THE LACK OF DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  This is no different from what this blog has been documenting for years.

She blames this anemia on AMERICA and the RACISM that fails to promote quasi-socialist solutions for the benefit of marginalized Blacks.

It seems that in her view "BLACK DIGNITY" will have you to STARVE.  We don't need DIGNITY we need social programs.



DISAGREEMENT - POPULARITY MATTERS (Cooper:  Sharpton Is Not Popular With The Youth.  Constructive Feedback University: POPULARITY IS A GREATER DISARMING FORCE THAN AN ENABLER)

From The Article - The Great Abandonment Of Progressive Values Of Fairness And Justice:

His remarks did not meet a contradiction they did not embrace. While demanding that Mike Brown’s death be a turning point for the nation, Sharpton also suggested that the real turning point needed to be first within black communities. That kind of argument is deeply dishonest, and places Sharpton adjacent to more robust traditions of prophetic leadership in the black church that have called the nation to account for failing to meet its stated democratic ideals.
If the U.S. would “clean up its act,” this would necessarily mean a real commitment to due process, protection of voting rights, a livable wage, the dissolution of the prison industrial complex, funding of good public education at both K-12 and college levels, a serious commitment to affirmative action, food security and full reproductive justice for all women. Those are the kinds of conditions under which black communities, and all communities, could thrive. That kind of commitment to the ideals of democracy would require us, as my friend activist Marlon Peterson did recently, to “ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can undo for you.”
Brittney Cooper takes "Rev Al" to task for sounding like a BLACK CONSERVATIVE PREACHER, blaming the present problems in Black America on MORAL FAILURE.

The greatest flaws in Ms Cooper's arguments come from what is MISSING from her model of the real world.

I make the case that INSTITUTIONS through which people are developed and "purpose-ified" are SUPERIOR to any government policies that she bemoans the loss of as a violation of "American social justice".

If we play both tracks through to their logical conclusion:

  • Brittney Cooper and the Black Progressive Establishment will be on an endless POLITICAL quest for JUST RESOURCES in America.  When they find themselves the "Local Establishment" (as will soon be the case in Ferguson) YET their outcomes are not up to their expectations - they will merely SCALE THEIR STRUGGLE MOTION - outward and upward to the next rung of government power to which they can tell about their intrinsic SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS.   It seems that locally, talking to themselves about "Social Justice Rights" had not panned out as planned
  • CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY's Institutional Governance model mandates that a community's desired "Standard Of Living" be manifest as close to their home as possible.  BY DEFINITION....
    • DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS will have certain competencies to off into the public square
    • THE PUBLIC desires a certain high standard of living
    • WHO BETTER than a developed set of human resources (that need jobs and a purpose) to supply these services?
    • OH YEAH - this means that your EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS and your COLLECTIVE MONEY that you always tell us is approaching $2 trillion in spending power - will need to be made ALIGNED with this goal of funding these institutions.
In short "VOTING FOR YOUR SALVATION" by dreaming that you are going to one day FORCE YOUR ENEMY to share his resources so that YOU ARE MADE HIS EQUAL - is the same type of folly that Winston Churchill noted as "Standing In A Bucket, Believing That You Can Lift Yourself Up By Pulling Directly On The String"

We need not look at Brittney Coopers INTENTIONS.
We have the last 50 years of the "Bayard Rustin - Vote For Your Black Community Salvation' Scheme" that brought BLACK POLITICAL POWER but which did not DEVELOP THE NEGRO.

Instead the Negro became an "Americanized Negro" as the delegated "Embedded Confidence Man In Chief" said on his radio show that "While I Do Not Agree With The Obama Administration's choice to BOMB AFRICA (Libya), I am not going to publicly criticize the President and give our common Republican enemy any ammunition to use against US".

BEYOND THE IGNORANCE of focusing on THE BLACK PRESIDENT rather than the IMPERIALIST DEEDS OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT - this actually showed that while the "US Imperialist has not changed its stripes" with regard to Africa - THE COLONIZATION of the "Americanized Negro" in America is WORKING.

Using the scheme that Ms Cooper promotes - the 'Americanized Negro' is so focused on positioning himself favorably  with his "Single Payer Social Justice Distributor" that he is no longer willing to take a principled stand against ATTACKS ON AFRICA.

This recent period of time has done more positive in stripping away the FALSE PRESENCES that the "Embedded Confidence Men" have been operating off of - exposing themselves for who they really are:  MINERAL STRIP MINERS OF THE WEALTH OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY FOR POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTIC PURPOSES. 

Brittney Cooper's "Black Community Transformation Plan":

Allow The Youthful Progressive Activist "Dream Defenders" To Take Over From The Old Black Progressive - Civil Rights Guard"
The flaw in Brittney Cooper's entire set of arguments is that she is unable to measure the effectiveness of her scheme via the MATERIAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

It is ONLY a scheme that promises that the Black Community will continue a POLITICAL FIGHT, hoping to force AMERICA TO LIVE UP TO ITS CREED.

What happens when Brittney Cooper and the team become FULLY INTEGRATED WITH "AMERICA" (which they already are), and has to accept that SHE HAS FAILED HERSELF?

Where are the mechanisms within the  Black Community to hold the community accountable for asking "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO OUR TEAM WITH THE HOPES FOR OUR DEVELOPMENT?"


It is important that we understand how voices like those of Brittney Cooper, regardless of their intent, work to disarm Black people from doing more critical and structured scrutiny of why "The Struggle" has not produced more tangible gains:

  1. UNWILLINGNESS TO PROVE TO THEMSELVES THAT "PROGRESSIVISM IMPERIALISM" Is For Their Own Satisfaction OR If It Is For The Development Of The Black Community
    • What exactly is the measure that we are using to PROVE that all of the activism - from the old school Political preacher like Sharpton and  Raphael Warnock to the new school "Preacher" like the leader of "Dream Defenders" have both the interests and the COMPETENCY to develop Black people and not just a focus on the interest of the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" and the continuing fight against the White Right Wing Enemy and all of their Black Conservative Affiliates?
    • HOW MUCH MORE "Black Valuables" must be invested before they are asked to prove their agenda is OUR AGENDA - with evidence of EFFECTIVENESS and not just POPULARITY?
    • This observation of the void in Brittney Cooper's arguments echo my observations of Professor Peniel Joseph.  Both are so sure that AMERICA is both at fault for and ON THE HOOK FOR the development of Black people via EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF 'SOCIAL JUSTICE' that they won't hear of such a thing as REGULATION UPON THEMSELVES
    • Don't be fooled by the frequent association with "Africanan Studies Programs".  You will NEVER see a hint of a LIMITATION on "What They Won't Do In America For Social Justice' Because 'Our Diasporatic Consciousness Is Larger Than America'.  Thus - as I watch CCTV "Africa Live", having just switched over from "BBC America" - the BBC talked about fighting in "Ukraine and Gaza" while CCTV (Chinese TV) showed a man with an automatic weapon in Libya, North Africa.  
    • "The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice"  / "Black Liberation Theology Via Mass Black Mobilization Through Black Voter Registration Church Of Laterday Saints" represents the most dramatic COMPROMISE of venerable Black institutions.
    • IT IS IRRELEVANT for someone to say that "Throughout Slavery to the Present - NO OTHER PEOPLE OWNED 'the Black Church', it has been fully controlled by Black people since Charles Allen"  The so called Black church's PURPOSE has been conscripted.  It is irrelevant whose name is on the title deed.  As your preacher or bishop "WHAT WON'T YOU DO FOR AMERICAN POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM because it violations your belief in GOD, as you agree to fight against the Coin changers within who seek to compromise our church's integrity" and see what he says.
      • it should be IRRELEVANT what the IRS rules are for political proselytizing from the pulpit.  The DIGNITY and INTEGRITY of the institution should set the stage for the repudiation of such acts.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nationally As The Left Wing Goes After The Right Wing For A Fraudlent Story About A "Black Cop Killing A White Suspect": 1) In College Park GA A "Cop Of Color" Is Charged With Killing A Black Woman And Burning The Body 2) A Black Mother Files A Lawsuit Against East Point GA Because Two Black Police Men Are Involved With The Homicide Of Her Son From Multiple Tazer Shots Which Execerbated His Underlying Heart Disease

In My Battle To Push The "Embedded Confidence Men" Out Of The "Black Community Consciousness" - I Find Myself Fighting A Two Front Battle

My values and reasoning puts me "Right Of Center".
Yet as I actually inspect the antics of "Conservatives" - Black or White I notice that there is a dramtic difference between a "Conservative Political Operative" and myself who is a "Cultural Black Conservative".

The greatest damage that the "Conservative Political Operatives" do to my cause is when they swing at the Progressive Fundamentalist Establishment but are exposed as FRAUDS.  With this expose' the Progressive Fundamentalists score an important victory of affirmation of their their enemy's fraudulence.

Media Matters Syndicates The FRAUD From The RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA MACHINE About The (Supposed) Black Police Officer Who Shot A White Man To Death But No Protests Were Triggered

It turns out that there is no strong evidence that the police man is Black - but this did not stop the Right Wing from running with the story because served as an important counter-narrative to "Ferguson"

The Washington Times was one of the "conservative" rags that syndicated the story without doing sufficient validation

An Atlanta Police Man Murders A Black Woman And Seats Her Body On Fire As It Is Discarded On The Ground



Black Mother Demands "Justice" For The Homicide Of Her Son While In Police Custody

The Death Was Ruled A "Homicide" Because The Man's Existing Heart Disease Was Exacerbated By The Physical Stress That The Physical Confrontation  With The Police Placed Upon His System
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

More "Civil Rights Pharisees" Departed From Atlanta To "Ferguson" Than Bothered To Show Up In East Point Georgia To Support JUSTICE For This Black Mother For Her Son Who Died While Handcuffed And In Police Custody.

Table Cell Table Cell

Systematic Racism Chasing's #1 Goal: DISARM THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO From Defending His Present Day "Permanent Interests" From The Embedded Confidence Men

Every Black Elected Official That Is "On The Team" Has The Courtesy Of Having "Black Inferiority" Extended To Him In His Office, Regardless Of How Much They Are A Part Of The Establishment Power

As Key Members Of "The Congressional Black Caucus" Push For A "Federal Police Czar" To Control Local Police Behavior - Their Incompetence At Mitigating The Level Of Violence In (Some) Of Their Home Districts Prove That They Are Full Members Of The "Political Football Team" That Malcolm X Warned Us About BUT The "Americanized Negro" Remains As The Football


For many - the promise that their local problems that their "confidence man leadership" tells them is due to the "benign neglect" from the larger American society can be solved through NATIONALIZATION of control and the constitutional promise of "fairly distributed national resources" is in truth a tacit admission that, decades after assuming control over the "Mission Accomplished Zones" - they are INCOMPETENT AT DEVELOPING "The Least Of These" who have invested their valuables into these "confidence men leadership" who told them to 'VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION'.

The Congressional Black Caucus Pushes The "Michael Brown - Nationalized Police Control Czar Legislation"  (My title added)

Dr Eddie Glaude Jr: Another Black Progressive Fundamentalist Who Has Been Given A Microphone By The "Academic White Progressive Fundamentalist Establishment" But Is Never Forced To Defend His Theories Based Upon The FACTS ON THE STREETS Of Black America - And The Carcasses That Have Been Laying On The Ground After The 40 Years Harvest Of Our Valuables By Political Opportunism


Most of you think TRANSACTIONALLY at a time when you need to place some geo-spacial relatively to your observations.

What do you do if you are a machine that has had wild success in INCREMENTAL POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTIC GAINS but has been a FAILURE IN "DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE" as promised?

You now sit in more of the "Seats Of Power" that your "former oppressors" once sat - and yet - you understand that in the minds of the PEOPLE - if you reconstruct the same "protagonist / antagonist" set up - THE PEOPLE will buy into this old battle, agreeing to walk past YOUR MUNICIPAL OFFICES on their way to a march against the enemy in ANOTHER TOWN that needs "your help".

This should be taken as more proof that:

  • You only need to affix his consciousness to a vibrant COALITION and compel him to believe that THE TEAM'S VICTORY is a victory for the 'Americanized Negro'
  • As he returns home and beings to do self inspection, beginning to note that he has been shorted - ANOTHER SHOT OF THE "STRUGGLE MOTION" is necessary to keep him going

I have been watching the news coverage about "Libya".   (More on this later).
I heard a US Military spokesman war "Egypt" and the "UAE" after their airstrike in Libya that "VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER.  Libya needs good governance and a political solution to confront the crisis".

I make mention of this because I have been running an expose' of the SILENCE AND COMPLICITY that has been rendered upon the "Americanized Negro" with regard to the American federal government attack and coup on the African nation of Libya.   

We should use this example to note that DESPITE his claim of being the "Moral Consciousness Of America" - the "Embedded Confidence Man Leadership", as appointed by the "Americanized Negro" - can TRICK the congregation into being silent about STATE (NATIONAL) POLICE ACTION.

A few weeks ago Rep John Lewis called for "Martial Law" in Ferguson Missouri.  He received acclaim from the national press because they understood this as a REGULATION OF THE FERGUSON POLICE by the federal government.   


You must understand - this is the type of "kids glove' treatment that Rep John Lewis has been getting locally in Atlanta for more than 20 years.   Mr Lewis' main qualification is that "He Got His Ass Beat On The Edmund Pettus Bridge" in Alabama more than 50 years ago.   Embedded Confidence Man Professor Charles Ogletree- appearing on "NBC's Meet The Press" this past weekend, promoted this experience of John Lewis as a qualification for him to speak out against "Police Violence".   

Professor Ogletree is clueless to the fact that regular citizens "Get Their Asses Beat Every Day" in John Lewis' congressional district in Southwest and parts of Northwest Atlanta.   As a "talented tenth" operative - Professor Ogletree understands that these individuals are mere bread crumbs in the larger picture of Progressive Fundamentalist Political Opportunism and Imperialism - with him dressing it up as "Reparations For Slavery".

Do you think that Professor Charles Ogletree or John Lewis are NOT familiar with the situation in Libya and that from the people's perspective there - THEIR OPPRESSORS wear "Military Gear" and that the "American aircraft" that bombed their nation was not working for their freedom. 

The void in our thinking is the absence of imagination for a BLACK COMMUNITY REGULATORY INSTITUTION that puts these "Embedded Confidence Man Leaders" in check - making them PROVE that their "Struggle Motion" actions are, in fact, for the purposes of development of Black people and not just for their grandeur of POWER in support of the Progressive Fundamentalist Imperial State that they hope to build in this country.

Culling Of The Herd Mentality: The Rise And Fall Of Many "Black Blogs"

A few minutes ago I did a "click through" on a "profile" link from one of my long time debate adversaries and noted his "Blogs That I Am Following" list.

I said to myself - I bet you that most of these "Black blogs" are now defunct. 
Sad but true - there were more that had not made a post in 18 months than those with a post since July 2014.  (Is that my dear friend Rickrya at "Mirror on America" sounding 'conservative' as she is tired of the rioting in Ferguson?  No way.) 

For me - this blog is my "psychological treatment" in response to all of the FRAUD AND HOKUM that I see in this world.   Short of Google taking my account off line due to some violation of their terms of service - I will be using this as my channel to try and make sense of a senseless world.

What Is A Black Blog?

As I drove to work yesterday I listening to "Roland Martin" affirmatively saying on "TV One's syndicated television and radio morning program" that "THIS IS A BLACK can BE BLACK......"  I wondered by what authority was he so presumptive.

The first blog I hit upon provided affirmation of my point.

Notice AFRICAN AMERICAN NEWS (since expired) has a story about a WHITE REPUBLICAN.  Despite the fact that this former congressman from Illinois has a small number of Black people in his district - it is par for the course to ENTERTAIN Black people by focusing on this Republican than on the conditions within the districts of "Rep Danny Davis", "Rep Bobby Rush" or how the district formerly represented by "Rep Jesse Jackson Jr" is coping after his untimely fall from grace.

As I told my dear friend "Filled Negro" - he doesn't have a BLACK BLOG.   He has an ANTI-RIGHT WING BLOG.

"Pro-Black (Community DEVELOPMENT)" is not the same as "PLEASING TO BLACKS" (in their present prevailing consciousness).

Alas, the prescription that my dear friend Filled Negro follows of "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends In Power" is a popular meme among the 'Blogging While Black' coalition.

The problem (and the fraud) in this disposition is than when we arrive at the case in which ONLY THE TRULY FRAUDULENT AND BRAINWASHED among us would deny that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has sufficient POWER AND INFLUENCE over our key "Black Community Development Institutions" to produce positive change IF there is ever to be any such change per their agenda - then these so called 'Black Blogs' have been so committed in their obfuscation and exertion of propaganda that when it comes time for them to stand with the BLACK RANK & FILE, protecting them from the "Black Racial Services Machine", which collected their valuables based on the promise of development - THESE BLOGS HAVE NO CHOICE but to go along with the fraudulent divergence.

The I ran across the late "Eco.Soul" blog. 
The dying last post noted: "Black Blogs Lost, Black Blogs Dead".

The two bloggers that she got advice from to "keep writing" are my dear friends Filled Negro and Rippa.

I notice that on the various "Blogs I Follow" links my sister blog:  "The 5/5ths Equal Human Being Strategy Playbook" blog is more frequently represented than this blog - "Within The Black Community".

In the classic "Love /Hate" meme - it seems that people prefer 'Constructive Feedback' that is affirming and light - (5/5ths) to this, my more deliberative and pugnacious blog that dares to confront the antics of the 'Black Racial Services Machine' and their reprogramming of our "Artificial Horizon" so that we might be TRICKED in our ability to navigate through the present obstacle course.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Schuylkill River Ghosts Of Mississippi Case: Filled Negro Was Hoping That The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel Was Guilty Of The Killings, But None The Less Happy That Asian Gangs Are Thought To Be Responsible. Filled Negro Was Confident That "Black Street Pirate Gangs" Were Not Responsible Because The Victims Were Stabbed And Thrown In The River Instead Of Shot And Left On The Grass. Filled Negro Knows Black People Can't Swim

“It’s very brutal. It’s one of the more barbaric murders that I’ve seen,” the captain said.
The victims were taken off the street by five or six men who are possibly members of an Asian street gang early this morning and thrown into the back of a van, police said. Their hands were tied behind their backs with duct tape and their ankles were bound as well. Duct tape was also placed over their mouths and "their eyes were covered," Clark said.
All three were taken to the Schuylkill River in Fairmount Park, where they were thrown into the water. Two were tethered to some kind of weight and drowned in five to ten feet of water. Police said a bucket was apparently used as one makeshift anchor.
The Most Deadly Non-White Street Gangs In America That Kill More People Of Color Than "The White Police" Do